Rxhomeo: Nurturing a Classical Homeopathy Culture Globally

Shiv Asthana,Founder & CEO
Shiv Asthana, Founder & CEO
Western-medicine provides faster healing and is hence preferred, but has irreversible side effects in the long run; but despite no side-effects, Homeopathy takes a back seat when it comes to healthcare due to its slow healing process. Hence, since 1993, Hyderabad-based Rxhomeo is working on changing this notion by educating people to refrain from using allopathy medicines/antibiotics until necessary. An established e-Commerce brand, Rxhomeo specializes in manufacturing, distributing and retailing of Generic Homeopathic medicines across the world. With its markets well established on the Indian and US grounds, the company takes a step ahead and curates family/children homeopathic-kits to promote the homeopathic mode of healing. Each kit contains 20 Homeopathic single remedies in 30C potency with 400 pellets and a self-help book that simulates the purpose of a first-aid kit.

Additionally, providing an index to display the description, uses and the ailment the medicines could be used for, the customers can also navigate easily on the company’s web page to get an understanding
of the list of products available for almost every ailment. As a front runner in adapting exclusive online mode of business as early as 1998, Rxhomeo uses national(India Post& DTDC)and international(FedEx,USPS, UPS & DHL) as its courier partners to serve even the last mile customers who book their orders via Amazon & eBay.

"Rxhomeo ensures that every product goes through stringent analytical-testing like heavy metals, microbial contamination and more"

One such instance is the story of an India soldier posted in J&K who was suffering from foot-calluses. Despite several operations and western medications, the situation failed to improve. But with the homeopathy remedies from Rxhomeo, he was able to find the best fit medicine to cure the calluses. His appreciation was acknowledged with great modesty adding to the company’s growing legacy of being able to serve despite any obstacles.

Quest for Maximizing Customer-Benefits
Having its manufacturing facility in India, the company has also listed all of its 5000 SKUs to meet the US FDA standards for registration to supply its products to the US. “Having a warehouse in US enables us to ship the orders fast to the western countries,” says Shiv Asthana, Founder & CEO, Rxhomeo. Enabling door-to-door shipping, Rxhomeo ensures that every shipment-process is well-organized
and its inventories well managed so that distribution becomes less complicated to pick, pack and ship the products.

The company has received the highest customer-satisfaction rate in the industry when compared to other similar companies in the market, thus gaining a 96 percent positive rating on and a near 100 percent positive rating on Being a generic-homeopathy provider of products like practitioner supplies, family/children kits, single-remedy pellets and much more, the company ensures that every product goes through stringent analytical-testing like heavy metals, microbial contamination and more.

Furthermore, Rxhomeo follows a very robust GMP system, where its employees undergo in-house as well as external training programs to understand the know-how aspects of the market and its ever-changing trends in adherence to its Indian and US market systems.

Contemporary & On-Growing Prospects
Rxhomeo is a proud voting member of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists. With a resounding revenue growth of 100 percent year over year for the past two years, the company envisions to expand its business to Canada, Europe, Australia and so on, seeking to introduce everyone to homeopathy. Rxhomeo also looks at repositioning itself by making products available in retail stores across Canada & US.