Reviva Clinic: Secure Mane through Best Hands

Dr. Prabdeep Sohi, Medical Director

Dr. Prabdeep Sohi

Medical Director

Himanshu Kumar from Chandigarh shares, “Recently, I visited Reviva Clinic for my hair loss problem and the experience was nothing less than perfect”. I was able to understand my hair loss better and control it. What sets them apart from their counterparts is the geniality and humility of the surgeons and the staff despite being one of the best hair transplant facilities in India”. A testimony of this kind is only one aspect to substantiate Reviva Clinic at its best. Reviva Clinic has been working quietly, persevering through 10 years of hard work and ever increasing need of proving one’s credibility. Having made its mark in the field of hair transplant by being the only exclusive FUE hair transplant clinic, Reviva Clinic has come a long way to no longer needing an introduction. Dr. Prabdeep Sohi (M.Ch. M.S.), Founder & Medical Director at Reviva Clinic, brings his expertise and an artists’ insight to work which has allowed him to gain massive acclaim through his clients.

Perspective & Care
Reviva Clinic has been able to earn the accolade of more than 10,000 happy clients by persistently maintaining its basic standards of service. Along with
the leading edge infrastructure, it strictly follows the basic standards and rules for hygiene and sanitation set for clinical establishments. Along with using the latest U.S FDA approved techniques and instruments for hair restoration, Reviva Clinic not only proves its plausibility for making client safety certain but also sets the benchmark for the hair transplant practice. The clinic ensures that it is up to date with all the latest procedures and techniques for hair restoration by continually training the surgical assistants for the same. Dr. Prabdeep and his handpicked team is trained by himself which has allowed Reviva to build its unmatched legacy.

In the wake of its belief to provide fair pricing and best services,Reviva Clinic is able to bring defining change to peoples'lives despite of their economic status

Its unique ability to perform a mega session of 4000 grafts in a single day comes from immaculate team work and using latest quality instruments and punches for the procedures. Despite maintaining excellence in its services, Reviva Clinic still remains affordable. The pricing of the procedures is based on the individual needs of the client and not influenced by the need to extort money. In the wake of its belief to provide fair pricing and best services, Reviva Clinic is able to bring defining change to people's lives despite of their economic status. If in
case there are cases of hair loss due to trauma or burn patients who cannot afford their treatment, they are provided pro bono services. In the cost of the surgery, patients are provided with post-operative care kits that includes medicines and necessary washing care products.

What truly sets Reviva Clinic apart from other hair restoration facilities is Dr. Prabdeep’s distinctive talent to create the most natural looking hairlines. The skill and dexterity involved in designing and executing the most natural looking hairline has allowed Reviva to mark its niche. This individual quality of hairline artistry has bestowed Reviva with several celebrity clients who are more than ready to testify for Dr. Prabdeep’s talent and humility.

Key Management:
Dr.Prabdeep Sohi, Medical Director
Dr.Prabdeep is a M.Ch. in Cosmetic and Plastic surgery from Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research(PGIMER),Chandigarh. He is one of the pioneers of the FUE hair transplant surgery in India,and has many international and national publications in his name. Dr.Prabdeep has also developed Sohi FUE Punch(U.S. patent pending),a titanium tipped punch with a variable guard that extracts the follicles more safely, and enables transplanting 4000+ grafts per day.

Offices: Chandigarh

Offerings:Hair Transplant, FUE, Eyebrow Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant, and many others.