Renascent Consultants: Bringing Ideas into Reality to Drive Innovation in Healthcare Architecture

  Bakul Chandra ,   Co-Founder

Bakul Chandra


In the current scenario where the healthcare industry has undergone immeasurable challenges and changes, any prospective client expects their Healthcare Architecture consulting firm to be aware of the evolving business model(s) including an increasing shift towards patient centered care to improve the patient experience and deliver better health outcomes. Any healthcare design should result in creating an exceptional healthcare facility which will ultimately bring comfort and hope to patients, families and valuable workers be it doctors, technicians, nurses, and others.

Founded in 2012, RENASCENT CONSULTANTS is a prominent Architecture, Engineering, Landscape and Interior Design consultancy with focus on: Healthcare, Medical Education, University Education & Institutional, Industrial Residential and Hospitality & Commercial Architecture.

The four Co-Founders Bakul Chandra, Varun Agarwal, Dushyant Kumar, and Parul Agarwal bring a plethora of exposure, knowledge, and competence to the table. They recognize the changing nature of design and technology, which when paired with their forward thinking, problem-solving methodology and extensive subject expertise, produces distinctive built environments.

`Free advice has no value', according to the firm's motto, and there is no value without the right attitude, approach, thinking and ethics. These very principles have guided them throughout their professional journey. The business end is always taken care of if adherence to these principles is not compromised. Furthermore, RENASCENT CONSULTANTS offers a single-window consultancy for all design related matters,
optimizing both time and space to bring about measurable financial gains for its clients.

Their Healthcare Architecture & Design philosophy is based on functionality, efficiency, flexibility, sustainability, and aesthetics which fits perfectly with the current and future requirements where hospitals of today will be designed with the technology of the future in mind.

"Our core philosophy is development of a more contemporary signature design character & fresh solution-oriented approach which results in high quality building structures and environments, where looking good only counts if it does good, too. The quality of the projects we get involved with absolutely complies with modern trends in terms both aesthetics and function thanks to the establishment of an an exceptional panel of highly skilled& effective specialists and good infrastructure. Members of the Indian Green Building Council(IGBC) like us are actively working to promote sustainable design and development” says Bakul Chandra, Co-Founder at Renascent Consultants.

Parul Agarwal, Co-Founder

Staying Abreast of the Changing Trends
The healthcare sector has faced immeasurable challenges and undergone several changes in the last two years. Looking back, it is inspiring to acknowledge the impressive design solutions and trends that have emerged. It is clear that some of these are here to stay while some are a work in progress. Irrespective, they are going to influence healthcare design and delivery.

These include Design Flexibility & Maintenance Protocols, Design Optimization due to impact of virtual and remote healthcare diagnosis (and, in some cases, treatment), Design shift towards hospitality influenced facilities rather than clinical & cold institutional facilities, Biophilic Design, and Integration of smart technology to enable better performance, customer experience and health outcomes. While the health sector faces growing challenges, adapting to these core design trends will help to ensure hospitals of the future better serve their communities and adapt to changing needs.

"We are constantly reinventing ourselves to serve our clients to its fullest potential. Furthermore, we are adopting new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the curve and be relevant with the ever changing market dynamics", adds Varun Agarwal, Co-Founder at Renascent Consultants.