Regen Arthritis Clinic: Providing Stem Cell & Orthopedic Treatments Under One Roof

Dr. M. Lakshmi Naathan, MDThe stem cell preservance and treatment is gaining importance and is proven to be effective in relevant fields of medicine. In Orthopedics, stem cell treatment is quite popular in treating arthritis, sports injuries, ligament & muscle injuries, fractures and bone death (AVN). Regen is short for ‘Regeneration'and as the name goes, it is an exclusive state of art Orthobiologic Institute situated in Besant Avenue Road, Adyar, Chennai. It was established in October 2018 and the key person is Dr.M.Lakshmi Naathan, MS Orth, MCh Orth,D Orth(Director).

The clinic provides ultramodern services as a stem cell clinic along with the orthopedic treatment facilities, all under one roof. The patients are treated with different Orthopaedic conditions. conditions like joint arthritis, sports injuries and other tendon and stem cell related injuries.

The clinic offers the following services PRP(Platelet rich plasma), BMAC (Bone marrow aspirate concentrate), Adipose stem cells, ACI (Autologous conditioned serum), APS(Autologous protein solution), GOLDIC (Autologous Gold induced cytokine therapy), Cooled radio frequency ablation, Prolo therapy, Neural prolotherapy. The flagship offering is nano gold particle induced stem cell treatment for arthritis.

Regen is an exclusive orthobiologic stem cell center that specializes in Stem cell treatment alone. Director and Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lakshmi is a young and vibrant Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Regenerative and Sports Medicine. He has special interest in Joint preservation and replacement surgery and Arthroscopy. He has more than 15 years of experience in Orthopedics and pioneers in treatment of arthritis and sports injuries using stem cells.

Orthobiologics & The Science Behind
Our body has specific healing cells called mesenchymal cells which have the ability to repair and heal damaged parts. But sometimes, due to the site or severity of the injury and in the elderly, the concentration of cells is not sufficient to promote adequate healing as it is unable to keep up with the damage that is done.

Orthobiologics is a branch of Regenerative Medicine which uses our body's natural healing cells to repair the damage by concentrating and focusing them at the exact site of the injury. This approach allows for natural and efficacious healing without the need for surgery. These cells are harvested from the blood, bone marrow and fat by a complex process and the concentrated cells are used for treatment of various disorder

Regen is an advanced Orthobiologic clinic that uses cells in our body to stimulate and promote natural healing. Stem cells have the ability to repair any damage to bones, muscles, cartilage,tendons, and liga ments that may have occurred by injury or by degeneration.With this technology, the center concentrates the healing cells in the injured area to promote healing and regeneration. This speeds up the healing process and gets the patient back on track without any need for surgery. The post procedure physiotherapy is much easier with reduced time and pain. The major benefits of the procedure are Firstly, the patient can get recovered in a very quick span of time. Secondly, this procedure can be done in day care and the patient can start his/her work within a day.

Offering Cell Based Treatments Through Different Procedures
The Institute offers the following Cell Based Treatments–

Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)-Platelet rich
plasma(PRP) therapy is an advanced out patient procedure which heals injuries by concentrating the platelets in the blood to enhance healing. These platelets have growth factors that can kick start the normal healing process to encourage the patient's body to heal by itself. 30ml of blood is taken from the patient's body and centrifuged using a special machine to separate the platelets and growth factors from the red and white cells. The PRP obtained is concentrated by a factor of 3X-5X. These cells are then injected under imaging guidance into target sites of injury to achieve maximum concentration of cells in the injured sites. This produces better tissue healing in tendon injuries and better stimulation of the local stem cells.

Bone marrow Stem Cells(BMAC)- Stem cells are cells that can turn into other types of cells following an injury. They are the body's primary means of repairing damage. There are many types of stem cells but the mesenchymal stem cells have proved to be very effective in healing responses. These cells are primarily derived from bone marrow. They can turn into bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons or ligaments. Regen draws bone marrow from your hip bones and process it in our lab to derive 5-20 times more stem cells per unit volume. These stem cells are then injected using precise image guidance into the precise area of injury to rebuild and repair the effects of damaged tissue.

Adipose Stem Cells-Fat derived stem cells are taken from the fat in the patient's body through a process called liposuction.They are less effective than bone marrow stem cells as a means of repairing injuries. These cells are more effective when used to treat orthopaedic injuries to create a fat graft that supports and holds in place other structures and allows them to heal appropriately. More concentrate of fat derived stem cells can be obtained as compared to bone marrow cells.

Autologous Conditioned Serum(ACS)-Autologous conditioned serum (ACS) was developed in the mid-1990s as an inexpensive means to generate an injectable material enriched in endogenous interleukin 1 receptor antagonist, a naturally occurring inhibitor of the cytokine interleukin 1 as a novel therapeutic for Osteoarthritis. The latter is thought to be an important mediator of inflammation, pain, and tissue destruction in musculoskeletal conditions. It was seen that exposure of blood to glass beads elicits a vigorous, rapid increase in the synthesis of several anti inflammatory cytokines, including IL-1Ra. This observation is the basis for producing ACS, which is injected into the affected joint in a series of three intra articular injections given once a week for three weeks. This therapy is currently available and it protects cartilage from degradation. ACS has been widely and successfully used in the local treatment of osteoarthritis and radicular compression it has also shown promise in treating tendino pathies, muscle injuries, and tunnel widening after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. Experience suggests that autologous conditioned serum is safe and effective.

Dr.M.Lakshmi Naathan is a young and vibrant Orthopedic Surgeon who specia lizes in Regenerative and Sports Medicine

Gioldic The Next Generation Stem Cell Therapy
Regen has come up with a latest stem cell therapy that it specializes in GIOLDIC. It is a form of stem cell therapy that uses specially designed gold particles which activates the existing local stem cells and supports their differentiation.

Research and studies point out that lowering of Gelsolin protein is correlated with inflammation and tissue degeneration. The Gelsolin level of patients in conjunction with other cytokines(proteins) is especially important for successful regeneration. Thus, the gold particles stimulate tissues. It correlates to the concept of 'Intelligent Tissue Regeneration'. GOLDIC is the next generation of stem cell therapy with the help of specially designed gold particles using patient's own blood.

Dedicated Facilities For Ultimate Care
The clinic has fully equipped and functioning stem cell harvesting facilities, along with a stem cell procedure room, digital x-ray, lab facilities, physiotherapy and pharmacy. The team of well trained doctors, physiotherapists, staff, technicians, and nurses who have an expertise in such procedures and are involved in ultimate care. All the facilities are provided under the best care and supervision, and at affordable prices.

The Institute is one of a kind when it comes to infrastructure and technology. It is one of the best center for treatment and post recovery facilities. The Institute uses modern span of time. The patient testimonials are available on the internet where they have posted their satisfactory responses.

The clinic aims at offering the best services to its patients with the help of expert doctors and staff. The clinic follows ethical practices for pain relief and overall satisfaction of services. The patients can get directly in touch with the doctors through phone calls and the dedicated staff ensures end-to-end follow up with them. The patient data, treatments done and the follow up visits are well documented for future reference purposes.

Stem cell treatments have gained quite a lot of popularity among the masses since last few years. Science coupled with technology has greater outcomes to reveal and India needs to have more such facilities where people can avail the treatment within the country. Regen aims at providing all forms of worldwide regenerated treatment facilities to its patients in India.