Redesigned Thinking: Unveiling the Enchanting Realm of Holistic Healing Centres

 Mridula Nair,    Founder, CEO

Mridula Nair

Founder, CEO

Holistic healing is the ultimate embodiment of mind, body, and spirit unity, a therapeutic approach that recognizes the intricate inter connectedness of every aspect of an individual's being. From the ancient science of acupuncture, where delicate needles unfurl a symphony of energetic harmonies, to the sacred practices of naturopathy, where nature's abundant gifts are harnessed to invoke the body's innate healing powers, these centers offer an ample palette of extraordinary modalities. Enter Redesigned Thinking, a transformative and dynamic game-changer that employs an innovative and personalized approach to care, offering effective and sustainable solutions to help individuals achieve optimal mental health and overall well-being.

Redesigned Thinking is a force to reckon with in the realm of wellness and emotional well-being, established in 2011 under the banner of Tranquility Wellness Services. Located in Bangalore, it has emerged as the leading Wellness and Emotional Wellbeing Centre, thanks to its unique philosophy. Rather than treating the symptoms, the organization delves deep to address the root cause of mental health issues like Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma, Work & Domestic Stress, and other modern-day challenges. To quote Mridula Nair, Founder, CEO and Lead Practitioner, “We believe that we need to redesign our thought process to be more positive and uplifting so that we can enable our body's wisdom to facilitate healing and to lead a happy and healthy life."

The organization is a shining beacon in the world of wellness, offering a range of life-changing therapies that are tailored to the unique needs of each individual. With a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals committed to creating an emotional well-being revolution, Redesigned Thinking is the ultimate destination for those seeking to achieve optimal emotional health. From certified courses to self-healing programs, including EFT Tapping, Bach Flower Remedies, Meditation, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Magnified Healing, and more, the therapies cover different conditions by identifying and addressing the root cause. “We believe that we need to get in touch with our true selves, physically, and mentally, and heal our past experiences in order to restore true harmony in our lives”, says Mridula.

Redesigned Thinking comprises a group of seven extraordinary individuals whose passion for holistic health and spiritual well being is second to none. The team includes Mridula Nair, a successful business woman turned emotional healing expert Mohan Nair, a retired executive, and EFT & Matrix Re imprinting Practitioner Sowmya Venkatesh, a yoga instructor and expert in Craniosacral Therapy, Varmam, and Sukshma Chikitsa. Together, they form a powerhouse of knowledge and experience that has helped numerous individuals achieve a state of overall spiritual balance.

Redesigned Thinking empowers individuals with innovative holistic therapies to unlock optimal well-being & achieve inner peace

“We understand the necessity of upgrading our skills and expanding our expertise through continuous professional development. As the CEO, I have personally undergone training in Australia, Europe, and the UK, in addition to online courses with experts in the US. This commitment to ongoing learning is shared by every member of our team, as we recognize that our greatest asset lies within ourselves”, adds Mridula. In terms of expansion, the organization is witnessing a growing acceptance and recognition of alternative healing modalities. This momentum propels it forward as it strives to make holistic healing a ubiquitous self help tool, accessible to every child from an early age. “With this vision in mind, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming training program at a premier university in Bangalore this July. This milestone represents a significant step toward our dream of integrating holistic healing into academic institutions”, she says.

Mridula is also the Head of EFTMRA India affiliated with EFTMRA U.K and its Master Trainer. Regular Practitioner courses in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are conducted pan India with a view to spreading the power of emotional self-help to all corners of India.