RECOH EHS: Offering a One-stop-solution for all Industrial Hygiene Requirements of the Company

 Shrenik M Ranpura,    FounderIndustrial hygiene is a scientific discipline that is required to identify and manage workplace exposure. It ranges from chemical to biological to physical to ergonomic. Nowadays, every company wants to prioritize industrial hygiene. As a result, collaborating with a qualified service provider that can guide a company through the whole Industrial Hygiene (IH) Program conception, implementation, and maintenance process has become critical.

RECOH EHS delivers objective driven services to help customers reduce the risk of IH and ergonomics by delivering a technological and feasible solution that perfectly understands their concerns. RECOH EHS's success motto has been prompt service delivery, fast execution and job integrity. The Occupational Hygiene Training Association has also approved the organization as a training provider (OHTA).

Industrial Hygiene services provided by RECOH include qualitative and quantitative exposure assessments, ergonomic risk assessments, pharmaceutical containment validation, local exhaust ventilation system design, performance validation, and EHS training. The company's flagship offering is ‘IH-PRO', in which it takes over the company's IH work, designs the IH program in accordance with international standards, implements, and maintains it.
A Competent Team
RECOH EHS is led by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) from the Board for Global EHS Credentials in the US and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals in the US. All RECOH personnel involved in IH and ergonomics work hold full time master's degrees in Industrial Hygiene and Safety. "The content of our report is simple enough for non-technical individuals to understand. We give each customer unique solutions that are process specific and can be deployed rapidly while reducing risk", adds Shrenik M Ranpura, Founder of RECOH EHS.

Shrenik founded RECOH after working for 15 years with major corporations such as 3M, General Electric (GE), Kohler, and United Phosphorus. The founder has held positions ranging from shop floor to site EHS leader, ASEAN/APAC leader, and global leader. Shrenik also got the President's Award from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) in the US for his efforts in advancing industrial hygiene activities in India.

We give each customer unique solutions that are process specific and can be deployed rapidly while reducing risk

“Our primary strength is exceeding our customers’ expectations. We began operations in February 2020, right before the pandemic, and used the web platform to provide online technical industrial hygiene training in April 2020. The proceeds from this were contributed entirely to the PM care fund in order to battle COVID. We have served over 100 companies in over 70 locations across India since our inception. We currently have six master services agreements with Indian and multinational corporations to supply longterm services”, highlights Shrenik.

RECOH aspires to be the preferred worldwide EHS consulting firm for its customers by bringing value to their efforts to manage and mitigate EHS risk. The company offers EHS services that incorporate cutting-edge technology to produce costeffective viable solutions that correspond with the client’s business goals, all while keeping high quality and integrity standards. In the next five years, the company intends to expand its portfolio of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) product sales and environmental services.

In Indore, Bharuch, Vapi, and Vadodara, we have seven staff. We plan to open an office in Bangalore by the fourth quarter of 2022. We want to create an office in the US in 2023 to better service our global customers. We intend to hire a more qualified individual”, concludes Shrenik.