Rama Dental & Implant Centre: Offering Customized &Financially Viable Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Amay Tripathi, DirectorWhile taking a survey of people around, it is noticeable that the most successful people display confidence through a beaming smile. While most of us hide this beautiful gesture due to poor dental conditions, a smile design that spots on your teeth color, exactly suiting skin tone and your personality by veneering, teeth whitening and proper alignment can transform your life. Being genuine to the total well-being, and specifically, the dental hygiene of patients across Lucknow and worldwide, Dr. Amay Tripathi directs and manages Rama Dental & Implant Centre (RDC) successfully with expertise & certified knowledge to provide world class cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Holding more than a decade of experience in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry, RDC offers a host of services that includes, but is not limited to, permanent dental implants, smile designs, teeth whitening, smile correction with thin laminates and light cure composite fillings, bio-compatible metal free zirconium crown and bridge work using porcelain, gum recession surgery, bone grafting and gum contouring, invisible braces,
bonding, laminating, veneers and root canal treatments. Before beginning any treatment, RDC conducts detailed diagnosis of the root cause of the problem and designs customized plans for the patients. To gain optimal results and safety, post diagnosis, RDC provides detailed consultation to patients and demonstrates photographs and videos of previous treatments with similar condition to eliminate any confusion. Eventually, latest gadgets, techniques and innovation like CAD/CAM milling machines, Laser & LED treatments, 3-D printing and many other advancements help the clinic to take its services to a different level.

RDC has a legacy of designing innovative treatment plans to provide economically viable services to patients without compromising on quality

Helping the Needy
Having meticulously trained staff, the clinic emphasizes on offering customized cosmetic dentistry plans that are financially viable to the customers. It extends its arm of services by collaborating with Bajaj Finance for EMI or PDC(post dated cheque) services to help the needy people who fail to afford the treatment expenses at one shot. Taking the unusual path, RDC and Dr. Amay is highly involved in philanthropic and social services where the clinic offers free
dental consultation camps and free dental implants to the needy patients post short-listing them. RDC has a legacy of designing innovative treatment plans to provide economically viable services to patients without compromising on quality.

To ensure no strings are loosely tied, RDC keeps itself updating continuously via various CDE dental education programs offered by clinical experts, institutions, and through conferences (discussions with fellow members across different countries through various gatherings and social networks) to grow hand-in-hand with the latest global trends. The clinic even does not hesitate in filling any shortcoming or gap it finds compared to international standards.

More RDCs across Lucknow
This Lucknow-based clinic was recognized as the Best Multispecialty Dental Implant Centre in 2013 by Prime Time Media Group. Practicing for over 10 years, RDC takes pride in growing from a single chair clinic to a corporate sized dental & implant center with two branches in the city that already offer world-class treatment to patients from countries like US, UK, Australia and the middle east apart from being a destination of choice for patients across India. Currently experiencing an annual growth of 30-40 percent, RDC plans to have two more centres in the city by the end of this year. Going further, the clinic looks toward serving international clients while helping them through the best dental tourism facilities, and emerge as a front runner in dental cosmetology.