Radiant Healing Centre: Unlocking Potential for Vibrant Well-Being and Vitality

  Arif Khan,   Founder

Arif Khan


Holistic healing, encompassing practices like acupuncture, ayurveda, and yoga, is gaining increasing recognition for its ability to address the mind, body, and spirit. As individuals seek alternative approaches to healthcare, the demand for holistic healing has grown. However, firms in this industry face challenges such as limited awareness, integration into mainstream healthcare, and affordability. A good holistic firm can address these challenges by providing comprehensive services, raising awareness through education, collaborating with conventional medical systems, and implementing cost-effective strategies. By meeting the needs of individuals seeking holistic healing, a good firm can play a crucial role in promoting overall well-being and improving access to alternative healthcare options.

Based out of Bengaluru and established in 2022, Radiant Healing Centre is a holistic healing center that specializes in alternative healthcare modalities, offering a range of services such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, ayurveda, unani, digital infrared thermal imaging, as well as ortho and neuro consultations. The center caters to various health concerns including stroke management, neuro degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, pain management and fertility concerns.

One of the distinctive features of Radiant Healing Centre is its utilization of different tools and technologies for diagnosis.The organization prides itself on its holistic approach to healthcare, integrating traditional
methods like pulse and tongue diagnosis with modern advancements. By considering a combination of symptoms, pulse analysis, and tongue examination, the center offers personalized and comprehensive treatment plans for each patient. This approach not only addresses the immediate concerns but also targets the root cause of health issues, promoting longterm wellness and vitality.

“We check the pulse to understand the body’s energy level. A balanced body signifies balanced energy. In some patients, energy levels might be low due to factors like cholesterol or low blood hemoglobin. Based on these observations, we proceed with tongue diagnosis to determine if there are signs of heat, cold, or dampness. This helps us ascertain the functional state of the body and bring it to a balanced mode. Thermography assistance is also provided to assess cause of the heat and cold areas of the bodies. By assessing patients through these parameters, we are able to reach an accurate diagnosis”, informs Arif Khan, Founder of Radiant Healing Centre.

At Radiant Healing Centre, we are committed to providing holistic care that empowers individuals to unlock their innate potential for wellness and lead fulfilling lives

Explaining the process of diagnosis Arif asserts,” Acupuncture is a renowned healing practice that focuses on restoring balance of the body’s energy for maintaining optimal organ function. Through this technique, excess energy can be drained and deficiencies can be replenished using methods like Moxibustion and Hijamah. Moxibustion involves applying heat to specific acupuncture points, while Hijamah utilizes dry and wet cupping to improve blood circulation and eliminate impurities. These treatments not only rejuvenate patients but also provide relief from pain. Acupuncture has shown promise as a complementary treatment for chronic and acute diseases. Studies suggest that acupuncture can provide pain relief, alleviate nausea, reduce the frequency of headaches, and heal chronic skin diseases such as Psoriasis.”

The future of the holistic healing industry appears promising. With a rising demand for alternative healthcare, these practices are gaining recognition for their effectiveness in promoting overall well-being. Going forward, the industry is expected to embrace technology and scientific advancements to enhance its offerings. Radiant Healing Centreis planning to focus on pain management and stroke management, developing specialized treatments and programs. Moreover, the firm aims to establish model clinics that prioritize affordability, ensuring that holistic healing is accessible to all.