Ra Skin and Aesthetics: Bringing-out the Best Version of You

 Dr. Rashmi Shetty,Founder & CEO

Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Founder & CEO

It is undeniable that an internally healthy and externally glowing personality is the passport to leading a happy, confident and healthy life. The best route to achieve this is by leading the right lifestyle with healthy food and exercise. However, taking this road in today’s fast-paced world is easier said than done! It is filled with the barriers of chemical contaminations in food, inescapable body damage caused by exposure to pollution, and a stressful routine that leaves little or no room for exercise. Although there is the shortcut of make-up, it can only do so much to conceal an unhealthy skin. Hence, it is extremely important to optimize the health of skin, hair and body by going below the surface to treat the root cause of the problem.

A strong proponent of this theory is Dr. Rashmi Shetty (Founder & CEO, Ra Skin and Aesthetics), a globally illustrious personality and a pioneer in the Indian cosmetology industry, leading the industry from forefront. Widely appreciated for her keen eye for aesthetics, Rashmi has forged a stellar reputation on a global scale for delivering definite and personalized treatments that result in a natural look with aesthetic figures, wherein nobody can identify what has been done on that face. This explains how her brainchild – Ra Skin and Aesthetics, a specialty cosmetology and aesthetic medicine clinic, emerged into the go-to place for all the top personalities in every fraternity in India, be it Bollywood, Sports, Politics or the corporate world.

"We’re best known for very personalized facial aesthetics and beauty enhancement, anti-aging and injectables"

Having carved a niche for itself as a boutique premium organization, Ra Skin and Aesthetics takes pride in its highly trained technicians and proficient team that has been with Dr. Rashmi for a very long time. “We’re best known for very personalized facial aesthetics and beauty enhancement, anti-aging and injectables. As anti-aging and beauty is not just about face and skin, but also about hair and body, we take an overall approach,” explains Dr. Rashmi. Patient centricity is an area where Ra Skin and Aesthetics glows brightly. Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Rashmi makes time to see every patient personally. It is the company’s habit of concentrating on providing what the client really needs, instead of focusing on sales and schemes, is the magnetizer that has been attracting people from many cities nationwide and even from abroad.

The Trailblazer
A global icon, Dr. Rashmi was not only among the first few to start injecting Botox and fillers in this country, but also reached the rarefied heights of being the first Indian doctor on the international advisory board of the Anti-Ageing World Congress and several other prestigious boards in India & Asia. She is also a panel expert for Unilever, Marico, Proctor & Gamble and Allergan as well as forums like Femina Miss India, Actor Prepares, and more.

Being an international speaker in congresses who delivers lectures, seminars, workshops & training courses worldwide, Dr. Rashmi has had the honour of sharing the stage with world leaders. This keeps her abreast with latest trends and has given her the chance to understand the industry profoundly and exchange knowledge at a much higher level than anyone else in the country. As a result,Ra Skin and Aesthetics utilizes the best proven methods and practices from all around the globe.

However, donning the trailblazer hat calls for navigating through tougher terrains. When she embarked on this venture 17 years back, aesthetics dermatology was an unheard-of topic in India, and nobody had a separate department for the same. Resultantly, she had
to shoulder the responsibility of educating her clients regarding the specialty and the wonders it can do, as opposed to many of today’s mature well-travelled audience who do their research and approach Ra Skin and Aesthetics with their choices already made. Nevertheless, she had always been keen on adhering to the highest of industry standards. For instance, every equipment at Ra Skin and Aesthetics is U.S. safety approved. “We continue to provide the best possible service with cutting-edge equipment so that no one has to go abroad anymore to get the latest treatments,” remarks Dr. Rashmi.

"We continue to provide the best possible service with cutting-edge equipment so that no one has to go abroad anymore to get the latest treatments"

Indomitable Non-Surgical Aesthetics Procedures
Empowering its clients to age gracefully on their own terms, Ra Skin and Aesthetics leverages the most innovative techniques and the best cosmetic technologies to treat various problems such as acne, facial hair, excessive sweating, and many more. Ra Skin and Aesthetics specializes in improving the texture & tone of skin with various techniques, including Q Switched Nd Yag Laser, injectables, mesotherapy and so forth, depending on the client’s skin requirement at that point of time to achieve their skin and beauty goals. Its non-surgical procedures include facial contours (like cheek & chin enhancements), face lifts with injectables for anti-aging, aesthetic face enhancements (like lip enhancement & eyebrow lifting) and body sculpting(using fat freezing & fat dissolving injections) to chisel the body to the desired shape.

Maintaining healthy scalp care being the key to a healthy, smooth and shiny hair, Ra Skin and Aesthetics performs various common restorative treatments like PRP and micro-needling as well as the latest techniques like progenitor treatment. The clinic recommends a treatment after conducting a detailed consultation with a three-part analysis based on client’s blood reports & medical investigations to ensure that they always have healthy hair. “We use wonderful cutting-edge technologies to solve hair thinning & balding in men and women. We harvest the growth factors from their own body fat & skin and inject it back into their scalp,” explains Dr. Rashmi.

Reliable Products
Taking the holistic approach to the next level, Dr. Rashmi, through Ra Skin and Aesthetics’ sister e-Commerce concern –, offers the most trustworthy, reliable and life-changing products to help people reach their optimum skin, hair and body health. SolSkinCorp’s range of vegetarian, dermatologically tested, GMO & cruelty-free products that are devoid of soy, silicone, sugar and gluten include RA Hydrate, RA Essential, RA Bright, RA Anagen, and RA Defence.

Boosting the Entire Ecosystem
For Dr. Rashmi, it was a long-journey of self-learning, from teachers and people along the way, as there were very few avenues to learn from. Hence, she extends the opportunity for aspiring dermatologists and doctors to chisel their expertise in aesthetic medicine. Training courses are organized in-house on a quarterly basis to help them develop their own successful aesthetic career by learning the tricks in cosmetology under her direct supervision. Clearly, Dr. Rashmi is not only keen on taking Ra Skin and Aesthetics to the next level, but also determined to elevate the entire Indian Cosmetology ecosystem with her.

Key Management
Dr.Rashmi Shetty, Founder & CEO
A pioneer in the Indian cosmetology industry, Dr Rashmi is one among the select few experts in non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

•Post the completion of MBBS (AIMS – Bellur) and DDV (Mumbai University), she accomplished her post graduate training program at ISB with 100 percent scholarship from Goldman Sachs
•Further sculpted her skills with training from all around the world, including a Fellowship in Cosmetology in UK and Advanced training in Injectables Aesthetic Solution in Bangkok & Paris
•Penned the bestseller on skincare –Age Erase and has published
numerous papers in various national & international journals
•An Allergan International Academy Faculty and an invited faculty for countless international key events; the recent being Dermacon International – 2019
•Conducted numerous workshops & training courses on diverse topics in Singapore, Berlin, Bangkok, Bali, Jakarta and Vietnam
•Mentor & Chief Consultant at Reva Health & Skin (Hyderabad) and ISMO, Skin and Aesthetics (Chennai)
•First Indian doctor on the international advisory board of the Anti-Ageing World Congress
•On the scientific advisory board of Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Medicine Asian Congress
•On the Editorial Board of Journal of Cosmetology and Trichology, U.S. and the Board of Facial Aesthetic Consensus – India and Asia
•Investigator for Ranbaxy, Juviderm and the International Consensus on the dosage of Botox at global sites

Mumbai (Headquarter), Hyderabad and Chennai

Ultherapy, Anti-Ageing, Thermage, PRP, Dermato Surgery, Mesotherapy, Cool Sculpt, Thread Lifts, Medi Facials, Fillers/Volumisers, Injection Lipolysis, Skin Booster, Hair Reduction Laser, Q Switched Nd Yag Laser, Skin Polish and Micro Needling/RF and Botox, among others

Ra Skin and Aesthetics in Spotlight:
•Being an international speaker in congresses sharing the stage with world leaders facilitates Rashmi to utilize the best proven methods and practices
•A gifted doctor with a keen eye for aesthetics, Rashmi delivers natural looking results with aesthetic figures
•Uses best possible equipment with U.S. safety approval
•A highly patient-centric clinic, Ra Skin and Aesthetics focuses on client’s true needs rather than pushing sales & schemes
•Carved a niche for itself as a boutique premium organization, Ra takes pride in its highly trained technicians and proficient team that has been with Dr Rashmi for a very long time.
•The go-to place for all the top personalities in every fraternity in India, be it Bollywood, sports, politics or the corporate world

•RA Hydrate – enriched with Collagen Peptide, it restores skin elasticity, preserves moisture, and makes skin plump with lesser lines & wrinkles, besides improving hydration, lipid content and protecting from UV damage.
•RA Essential – encapsulating a set of essential multivitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, micro-nutrients & minerals, it provides nutrition at the cellular level to make the skin and hair glow.
•RA Bright – combines four powerful antioxidants to minimize free radical damage, brighten & lighten skin, protect skin from sun damage, improve skin elasticity and iron-out wrinkles.
•RA Anagen – full of beneficial amino acids, yeast, B vitamins, trace elements like zinc sulfate and melatonin, amongst others, it arrests hair fall, strengthens hair follicles and improves hair health, apart from rebuilding & nourishing the skin and muscle fibres.
•RA Defence – fortified with traditional ingredients like ginger, turmeric, piperine, milk Thistle and beta carotene, it reduces inflammation, which is the main culprit behind every skin and beauty issue.

Awards & Achievements:
•India’s Most Promising Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine Award at the 5th Pharmaceutical Leadership Awards – 2012
•Best Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine Expert – 2013 at the 6th Pharmaceutical Leadership Awards
•Indian Icon Award - from the Chief Minister 27th June 2015 at YB Chawan, Mumbai
•Promising Young Achiever of the Year – India Health & Wellness Awards 2014
•Best Business Plan – ISB
•News Makers and Achievers Award – 2016
•Launched Juviderm, Voluma and Refine (Injectable Filler Products) for Allergan, India.
•First Indian to be invited Faculty at the Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Montecarlo