QorQl: Metamorphing Healthcare

Sanjay Singh, Founder & CEO

Sanjay Singh

Founder & CEO

Most of us are with the mindset that the risk of a disease can be lessened if we take a healthy diet and get enough exercise. But only a very few of us are aware that family history might have one of the strongest influences on the risk of us developing various diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and more. Having a medical history of an individual is extremely important for one’s life. Sanjay Singh realized this more when he lost his mother due to a very rare disease ‘Systemic Sclerosis’- a disease that manifests itself over several years and is hard to detect unless a person has a complete medical history. Also identifying that as the country lags far behind in having a proper database of patient’s health with implications of tools like EMR & Digital Health Platform, Sanjay decided to bring a transformation in the healthcare landscape by the empowering AI, machine learning & big data and ensuring outcome & changing the way of personalized care. Hence, QorQl came into existence.

Established in 2015 by Sanjay
Singh Ex- CTO of One97,QorQl endeavours to be a platform that connects health givers & seekers and ensure them a greater control over their health. Inspired by Coracle– a round boat that is believed to be a Noah to save and flourish all life forms and with a view to digitize the healthcare industry, Sanjay says,“Identifying our love for Big Data, AI & Machine Learning, and its huge potential in healthcare, we through our platform, strive to ensure best results by acting as a platform that solves the toughest problems plaguing healthcare.” Set up with very expansive vision, dogged grit & irrational passion to win at any cost, the company enables the fusion of wearable, clinical & genome data in order to solve the problem of collecting huge data based on patient’s health record.

QorQlvision is to provide affordable, accessible & Quality Healthcare by unleashing the power of health data

A Platform for Connected Health

The company with its own technology based model ensures to read the doctor’s prescriptions by using computer vision & AI techniques and tries to deploy digitize paper health record. Institutionalized to change by a driven business model of healthcare delivery through the power of health data and targeting
the primary care- doctors, clinics & polyclinics, QorQl offers its services in three forms viz. ‘Qcarea solution of primary care providers; Qhealth,a companion application for the consumers and Qlive is an in-clinic content platform that provides enriched health content to patients.”

Believing caregivers as the ‘Centre of Healthcare’, QorQl tries to build a solution that assists to solve the problems related to clinic management, patience experience & enhance their productivity. “We have deployed our solution in a clinic with a footfall of 70-100 patients in around 5-6 hours. Through our solution we have reduced the phone calls by 70%, reduced patients wait over time and helped the doctor in collecting a large database of several thousand patients that helped in increasing patient experience & better care delivery,” mentions Singh.

Headquartered in Noida with a team of divergent skills & convergent vision, QorQl sights to unleash the power of health data by providing affordable, accessible & Quality Healthcare. Backed by the largest Digital wallet firm Paytm, the company has over 100 doctors offering their services to 100,000+ consumers in NCR and four Tier 2 cities in North India. Explaining on the same, Singh concludes, “We are planning to build products & solutions for Pharmacists, Diagnostic Centres, Small Hospitals. We are also trying to build Complex Algorithms and find insights for better care.”