Q UP: Revolutionize the Interaction between Patients and Doctors by Queuing Platform

Rahul Sawant ,   Founder & CEO

Q UP Team

As mobile technology and smart phones find a permanent spot in the healthcare sector, mo-bile medical apps and mobile health (mHealth) are taking center stage. working essentially as a queuing platform, Q UP, headquartered in Pune, is a phone app & web based online checkup and booking system that lets user queue up for any registered doctor in a traditional way. It helps to create Painless OPD Experience to all the stake holders in the Healthcare delivery system.

“We create a virtual queue and let users know at what time they are going to see doctor. We help them to check the availability of the doctor and also book their checkups and get to know about the entire proceeding in real-time basis. As it is a queuing platform, it works on robust technology that is developed to update the turns and other related information.
Secondly, it is backed up with a very intelligent algorithm which is design by statisticians coming together”, explains Rahul Sawant, Founder & CEO, Q UP.

"The company is also providing a unique platform to encourage patient-doctor interaction and communication"

Not direct commute, but like availability, and schedule, there are many use cases inside the clinic. On this basis Q UP helps doctors to have greater control and lot of flexibility to manage their OPD. Q UP is more focused on OPD journey of a patient and doctor where-by both face different set of issues that impacts the overall experience.

Q UP provides unique features which include time management, queue management and leave update. These features give real time information to both patient and doctor to save their time and energy. The Queuing Must Stop Q UP helped Dr. Mankar Hospital in Pune, where for the last 15 yrs, patients used to come early morning to get doctors’ appointments and wait for gates to open.

It was very difficult for the staffs to manage such huge crowd with only the first 50-60 patient getting the appointment depending on doctors’ availability.
After implementing Q UP, the queuing stopped and a year’s time, the hospital migrated from the physical system to virtual.

Q UP gives scope to emergency patients during their OPD and can update the same to all the patients in OPD for that day. The app works on the algorithm function and wherever there is such a case it automatically goes to pause mode. So, without human intervention, the app calculates all cases and communicates virtually to the users in line. Also, the company is also associated with helping people in vaccination, labs and diagnosis.

Led by a founding team of Perukh Pastakia, Vishal Bhosale, Santoshi Sawant and Rahul Sawant, Q Up is on a mission to save the time of patients and doctors. Q UP is introducing Practice management solution. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, the solution manages patient’s record automatically the moment the patient steps in the doctor’s chamber. The target is to reduce waiting time by 85 percent. The company has also launched Q Prime that facilitates additional benefits tools for subscribers & members which has 5000 paid subscribers already.