Premier Health Center: A Pioneering Med-Tech Savant Transforming the Face of Healthcare Diagnostics

Pradeep Chakravarthy,Managing Director

Pradeep Chakravarthy

Managing Director

In the wake of consumerism today, where every business battles to match pace with consumer-focused services, diagnostics is no exception. Therefore, while aiming to cater to the vast variations of screening and diagnosis, majority diagnostic centers yelp failure and break into specialized branches only to the woes of its clients who struggle to manage to and fro. But what if there is one such diagnostic center whose services cater to every gamut of diagnosis under one roof? An epitome of this is Chennai’s pioneering diagnostic facility – Premier Health Center (PHC) that was incepted in 1987 under the headship of Prasanna Janardhanan and Janardhanan (Founders). This center houses an entire spectrum of diagnostic, imaging and lab services, within a single window. Equipped with avante garde laboratory & imaging modalities, PHC has impressed a successful track record over the years, providing a broad range of laboratory tests within quick turn-around-time; thanks to the efforts of its vast (300) staff and one of the largest pools of qualified Radiologists and Pathologists.

Grown to become the most trusted & reliable healthcare service provider in the city, reflected by the 1500+ foot falls that it serves daily, PHC constantly develops ingenious ways of transforming the lives of its clients. It strives to maintain an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement and prompt quality of services to its customers. Thus, PHC uniquely adopts a production-based JIT (just-in-time) culture in response to offering need-of-the-hour test results of patients. Highlighting this distinct approach, Pradeep Chakravarthy, Managing Director, Premier Health Center, states, “We adopt a 360-degree model in our laboratory services and offer a comprehensive array of tests across a wide spectrum of specialization, including biochemistry, haematology, immunology, flowcytometry, immunohistochemistry and serology, to name a few. Hence, our standards aim to deliver comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective healthcare services”.

Along with these extensive services, PHC partners with hospitals undertaking HLM (Hospital Lab Management) services, including purchase of equipment, training of manpower and other administrative responsibilities. “We are equipped to cater to a diverse range of medical establishments, ranging from 20 bed clinics to medical colleges with 750 beds. At present, we have partnerships with more than 40 clinics and 12 hospitals in Chennai,” adds Pradeep. Its passionate approach also accommodates serving corporates & schools by engaging in rigorous screening of employees & students by providing exclusive corporate-based or individual reports.
Corporate Fitness & Customer Loyalty

Today’s corporate culture is more of a dog-eat-dog, where only the fittest survives. But this results in a host of lifestyle diseases and health challenges that professionals have to deal with. PHC recognizes that while around 46 percent of workforce in corporate India suffers with stress-related ailments, the need for more employee-centric policies are rising. Thus, the company has developed several corporate packages to deal with the crisis. Its consultants customize programmes according to organization requirements and deliver competitive wellness packages for 10-1000 employees.

Right from screening and delivering corporate-level reports, highlighting cases that may require immediate supervision, to providing employee-individual reports with details of their general wellness (physical, social and mental well-being), this diagnostic center is the definite go-to for every corporate establishment seeking unprecedented diagnostic services. Assuring a seamless experience, Pradeep avers, “Based on the reports, we arrange for talks by industry experts to create awareness and counsel employees. Through this and our array of corporate healthcare initiatives, we are committed to ensuring your staff remain in the pink of health for enhanced workplace productivity”.

“We take ownership and responsibility for our actions, and are committed to serving with the highest standards of ethical conduct. The well-being of our clients is of paramount importance, and we will always respond with compassion,” adds Pradeep. To ensure flawless services and safety of its clients, the diagnostic center maintains dedicated power back-ups for uninterrupted services of the tests and procedures. It is under this assurance of quality services that PHCs clients can avail more benefits. Its exclusive customer loyalty program includes an array of offerings, be it ‘Health Buddy Cards’, affordable health packages ranging from master health checks, premier executive health checks, women health checks, child & senior citizen health checks or its exclusive pre-marital and pre-employment check-ups. PHC further facilitates online reporting systems, SMS notification for report collection and complaint management system (CMS) to record its patient’s feedback.

We adopt a 360-degree model in our laboratory services and offer a comprehensive array of tests across a wide spectrum of specialization

Beyond Business

PHC senses a responsibility towards the society, and hence helps the poor and needy, where diagnosis remains out of reach. Pradeep avers, “The service policy of PHC is to have tie-ups with various NGOs and non-profit organizations to do free medical camps. Our creativity and ingenuity fosters innovation and growth in the field of diagnostics, where we acknowledge that trust enables us to go beyond expectations and cater to the masses”. It provides adequate training to their employees in adherence to proven procedures, and total commitment to meeting & exceeding their customer requirements.

Inspiring the healthcare segment with its exhaustive service portfolio, PHC’s exclusive approach to diagnosis is creating an impact in the field of diagnostics. It’s presence in 30 locations in Chennai with an expansion plan of reaching 100 branches by 2022 across Tamil Nadu is proof of its commendable contributions through which it envisions to create a healthy future. Pradeep concludes, “Our vision for the future aims to propel a disease-free society through better diagnostics of disease and timely prevention through health screening by focusing mainly on reliability, responsibility, assurance and empathy towards our clients”.

Key Management:
Pradeep Chakravarthy, Managing Director

  • Lab department services with advanced imaging solutions
  • Customized health packages
  • Corporate health screening services & diagnostic workshops
  • Healthcare memberships

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