Pravi IVF & Fertility Centre: Blessing the Joy of Fertility through Transparent, Affordable & Personalized Approach

Dr. Monica Sachdeva,Medical Director

Dr. Monica Sachdeva

Medical Director

While researchers worldwide are questing for 'why' of infertility problems, nearly 27.5 million couples are detected suffering with infertility as reported by Earnest and Young. Though the treatment is available all around, the approach followed by many still tracks a secretive route with little transparency and complex detailing that collectively shakes the patient’s trust and confidence. On the contrary, fertility clinics like Pravi IVF & Fertility Centre (first-of-its-kind IVF centre in Kanpur) rises synonymous to medical transparency availing exclusive infertility treatments with an ethical and personalized approach.

Equipped with a team of ace IVF specialists & embryologists, Pravi performs all routines and advanced procedures for infertility and ART(Assisted Reproductive Technology). The clinic follows an individualized outlook to counsel patients psychologically, medically and make them comfortable in the surrounding environment - a holistic procedure that prepares the patient for IVF cycle. “We follow three dictums - transparency, compassion and affordable costing, to deliver un-parellelled fertility solutions for better performance and positive results,” avers Dr. Monica Sachdeva, Medical Director, Pravi
IVF & Fertility Centre. Additionally, the clinic offers Day 5 Blastocyst culturing and Day 5 transfer for enhancing the results by 10 percent.

Pravi is a trusted brand for sperm freezing and oocyte preservation for future fertility usage and assists national and international patients through the process end-to-end

Injecting Care, Creating Bonds
Coupled with easy connectivity and exclusive IVF offerings, Pravi is a trusted brand for sperm freezing and oocyte preservation for future fertility usage and assists national and international patients through the process end-to-end. With core expertise in IVF ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection), the cycle begins only after thorough treatment and protocols explanation to patients while leveraging advanced technologies like laser hatching, PGD and PGS for the procedural success. Besides, the clinic upgrades its lab by adding PICSI and IMSI technology for selecting the best physiologically active sperms for Oligopsermia and ICSI purpose.

Strictly following ICMR guidelines for Donor, Surrogacy and ART banking, the clinic ensures that the chosen quality sperms are stored away from other sperm banks, predominantly in Kanpur, Delhi and Lucknow, to curtail semen adulteration. What makes Pravi exclusive of all is its understanding of patient’s confidential details
that ensures psychological comfort, thus escalating positive outputs. Unlike others compelling pregnancy check-ups at one’s own centre, this customer-centric clinic recommends nearby/native gynaecologists after three months of conceiving. However, the team keeps complete check on patients personally and attends all their queries within 24 hours.

Transparent Abode of Trust
Explicating a few medical complications, Dr. Monica adds, “Ovarian Hyper Stimulation (OHSS) is a common hiccup during IVF cycle for which we perform ICSI, form quality embryos, cryopreserve them and transfer in subsequent cycles if the patient encounters hyperstimulation”. With rarely one percent hyperstimulation cases, Pravi is evolving into OHS free IVF centre, an excellence next to international standards. The clinic provides excellent counseling and transparency while treating infertility-fearing people, female complications (age, tuberculosis blockages & Ovulatory disorder) and deploys world-class technologies like recombinant LH & FSH and ICSI along with stem cell therapy for thin endometrium and quality oocytes.

Having delivered 700+ IVF cycles and 250+ pregnancies successfully, Pravi has shown sky-rocketing growth in the last years and targets developing better maternity units while expanding IVF services in B-Tier & C-Tier cities to spread infertility knowledge. “Since Awareness is a big issue, we want to give them better ART facilities and fertility structure with an added personalized care and transparent counseling so that they conceive the joy of motherhood,” concludes Dr. Monica.