PrasoothiCare Ayurvedic Postnatal Care: Pioneering Specialized & Healthy Postnatal Care for Mom & Baby through Ayurveda

Dr. Jacksy Robert,Founder & CEO

Dr. Jacksy Robert, Founder & CEO

Knowing the needs & relevance of adequate post-delivery care, Dr. Jacksy Robert in her own postnatal period searched for a trained lady therapist to look after herself and the baby. With lot of efforts and after ample suggestion from friends & relatives, she found a lady, but to only witness the lack of knowledge & professionalism in among people supporting the first-time moms & newborns.

The helplessness she experienced in a crucial phase in life led Dr. Jacksy to the inception of PrasoothiCare Ayurvedic Postnatal Care, the first and only authentic Ayurvedic mom & baby care services at your doorstep - facilitated through efficient hands of well-trained, professionally qualified doctors & therapists, who are mothers themselves.

Standing by the vision of ‘By Mother for Mothers through Mothers to the Nation’, the center has all-mother staffs who are well-acquainted with the needs & feelings of a new mother with their own experience and ensure maximum
care with utmost professionalism. “Our verified mother-staff are further well-trained to handle newborns & understand even the slightest expression of babies. They are further educated on basic hygiene & about communicable diseases and thus assure that every mother gets the best maid to support them physically & mentally,” asserts Dr. Jacksy, CEO, PrasoothiCare.

"PrasoothiCare uses its expertise to completely focus on mom care, unlike others who divert their attention from mother to just newborns"

Making Mom & Baby Healthier
The center offers a whole gamut of mom & baby care services such as pre- & post-delivery care, lactation support, diet & nutrition care, doctor support and even psychological support to mothers. From special postnatal massage to herbal bath (to get rid of aches & inflammations), tummy tying (effective involution of uterus & abdomen), and back support (preventing post-delivery back ache), PrasoothiCare uses its expertise to completely focus on mom care, unlike others who divert their attention from mother to just newborns. For babies, the center offers everything from massage to wrapping-up the baby to provide the feeling of mother’s womb, and also fumigation powder that aids in preventing bacterial & viral infection.

Introducing Ayurveda as a healthy lifestyle to mothers & newborns, PrasoothiCare brings-in treatments
PrasoothiCare brings-in treatments inspired by world’s best postnatal care in Kerala, involving total wellness & preventive care. “A team of qualified ayurvedic doctors from Kerala brings in the unique knowledge. We focus on tailoring the valuable knowledge suitably for this fast-paced world without losing the power of technique,” asserts Dr. Jacksy. The team of doctors provides appropriate herbal Ayurvedic medicines precisely to address the postnatal health issues expected in a mother. PrasoothiCare is also working on nutrition supplements (without preservatives) and exercise equipment for mothers to get back their fitness. While the entire segment is famous for less involvement of doctors, this ISO 9001:2015, GMP, MSME & WHO certified company addresses these issues by proper management of staff and also facilitating voice call & regular messages, along with spontaneous availability of doctors on WhatsApp for every client.

From one trained lady staff in 2013, PrasoothiCare has expanded to become the home to more than 50 trained staffs in Bangalore alone and has the strength & capability to take-up 100 cases per month. Over the years, PrasoothiCare has also expanded to cities like Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum, and Hyderabad. The center stands as a single unit till date in postnatal care, but readily welcomes other health care service providers to walk hand-in-hand with it.