Pranidhana Speciality Ear Nose Throat & Head Neck Clinic: Specialized ENT Care for All

Dr. Abhineet Lall, ENT Surgeon,Dr. Mitali Dandekar- Lall, Specialized Head & Neck Surgeon

Dr. Abhineet Lall, ENT Surgeon

Dr. Mitali Dandekar- Lall, Specialized Head & Neck Surgeon

Over the past decade there has been an increase in the number of medical facilities and hospitalizations across India. But what is good for health isn’t necessarily good for the pocket. The average cost of medical expenditure per hospitalization increased by 176 percent between 2004-2014 and a whopping 70 percent of the expenditure comes-out from the ordinary citizen's pockets. This exponential increase in cost has resulted in making quality healthcare inaccessible to the weaker sections of the society.

Answering this burning gap in the Indian medical landscape, Dr. Abhineet Lall, a celebrated ENT Surgeon and Dr. Mitali Dandekar-Lall, a Specialized Head & Neck Surgeon, founded Pranidhana Speciality Ear Nose Throat & Head Neck Clinic. Founded in 2016, the specialized ENT clinic is focused on making quality ENT treatment and surgical services accessible to every section of the society. Situated in Patna, Pranidhana has successfully worked with patients hailing from Bihar, Jharkhand,
Eastern UP and Southern part of Nepal. Treating over 500 patients every month and having effectively carried-out over 1500 surgical procedures, Pranidhana is leaving no stones unturned to bring quality healthcare to all.

"The experienced and trained doctors at Pranidhana possess the expertise to conduct complex surgeries"

Focusing on Honing Techniques
The speciality ENT clinic is adept at treating all ailments pertaining to ear & hearing, and head neck cancer. The experienced and trained doctors at Pranidhana possess the expertise to conduct complex surgeries such as all skull based surgeries, head neck surgeries, thyroid surgery, advanced endoscopic surgery, advanced ear surgery and head neck cancer surgery. Dr. Abhineet & Dr. Mitali believe-in rendering treatment that is knowledge-based and technique driven. Leveraging their professional expertise, the duo believe-in developing improved and improvised techniques in order to make treatment more effective and affordable.

Although technology plays a critical role in bettering treatment, Pranidhana does not simple rely on technology but uses it merely as an enabler. “Although we make use of technology but it is only to optimize our techniques. The technology does not replace our knowledge and techniques,” explains Dr. Abhineet. This approach helps the clinic to keep a control on the cost of treatment and thus making quality treatment available at affordable prices.
Collaborating to Render Affordable & Well Rounded Services
Pranidhana has been constantly working to bring word-class treatment to every patient that approaches them. To this end, the clinic is armed with capable in-house audiologists and speech therapist. The clinic also collaborates with well-known reconstructive surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, radiation & medical oncologists and radiologists to give every patient the best possible chance to overcome their ailment.

The clinic has also built solid collaborations with three different types of hospitals, a large corporate hospital, a standalone midsize hospital and a trustee hospital respectively. Belonging to differing categories, these hospitals give equal opportunity to patients hailing from different financial sections of the society to avail quality surgical services. “Our patients can opt for getting treated at any of the three hospitals based on their economic capabilities and we provide same kind of outcome and surgery in all of them,” adds Dr. Abhineet. Additionally, the clinic has also procured all the equipment required for surgeries and treatment, which in turn provides a cost benefit to patients.

As medicine is an evolving science, Dr. Abhineet & Dr. Mitali believe in constant learning to hone their skills and techniques. The duo also invest time in academic pursuits to train doctors for the future. With its heart in the right place, the duo are committed to making Pranidhana Speciality Clinic the most sought after ENT clinic across India.