Prajna Wisdom Centre: Empowering Wisdom To Illuminate Paths Of Transformation In Every Life

Jayashree Ashok, Founder & Director,Balasubramanyan Ashok, Co-Founder & Trustee

Jayashree Ashok, Founder & Director

Balasubramanyan Ashok, Co-Founder & Trustee

Holistic healing centres have become havens for comprehensive well-being, addressing mind, body, and soul. Meeting the rising demand for alternative healing poses unique challenges, necessitating a diverse range of services and skilled practitioners in various disciplines. Integrating conventional and alternative therapies requires expertise in medical collaboration, striking a balance for optimal care. A competent firm is vital for navigating complexities, ensuring adherence to ethical standards, and fostering a nurturing environment. Such a firm's understanding of holistic principles, organizational prowess, and regulatory acumen underpins the success of these centres.

The Prajna Wisdom Centre, a unit under the mother trust, The Healing Circle, embodies its name, signifying wisdom and insight. The centre serves as an abode for self-transformation and holistic development, acknowledging each person as a complete being.

Offering an array of courses and workshops, Prajna Wisdom Centre provides personalized healing to those facing challenges. Clients are guided towards empowerment through tailored sessions for profound self-reflection, empowering them to embrace inner transformation. The clients embark on a journey of healing, fostering healthier relationships and harmonious living guided by empathy and acceptance, leading to a more balanced and enriched life.

Program offerings, the centre provides are a variety of transformative experiences by hosting two day workshops and courses with follow-up sessions, along with more intensive six to eight month courses as well as
retreats of shorter duration lasting five to ten days. The workshops cover a range of well-being areas like emotional well-being, compassionate communication, conscious parenting, and prosperity consciousness. For educators, the centre offers ‘The Sacred Classroom’ a series of workshops and retreats. For personal growth, the centre includes programs such as ‘Inner Child Healing’ and ‘Family Constellation’to address past traumas and family dynamics respectfully. The center also provides a free monthly program called ‘Drop Everything and Recharge’ centered around integrating the wisdom of the five elements into daily life for enhanced well-being. The ‘Lightness of Being’ workshop aims to release stress and embrace positivity and spiritual growth. The courses are categorized as foundational and advanced to address the needs of beginners and practitioners.

Prajna Wisdom Centre is not just a space for healing it is a haven for empowering individuals to cultivate self awareness, emotional intelligence & spiritual growth

“Additionally, the centre has created a comprehensive ‘Life & Living’ kit along with Life & Living workshop that fosters self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and emotional well-being in children and teenagers. The kit is available for purchase, and in the work shop, adults learn how to use the games and activities to enhance personal and parental growth. We have created a course called ‘Teen Circle', which has been created at the centre. This program when thoughtfully integrated into schools helps teachers and other significant adults to work closely with teenagers enabling them to become confident, strong, and healthy adults empowered to make responsible choices. The course entails the use of art based therapy and the five elements to foster self-awareness in young adults without the pressure of verbal expression. Remarkable results have emerged from our work with teenagers, enhancing their well being and emotional growth”, adds Ashok.

“In our centre, we offer a diverse range of healing modalities, including breath work, Reiki, energy healing, and regression therapy for the inner child and past life healing. Art therapy plays a significant role in helping individuals express emotions beyond words. We provide various templates to promote self-awareness, empathy, and deep listening, facilitating a holistic and integrated healing experience”, asserts Jayashree and Ashok.

The Way Ahead
The newly established 'Freedom Land' campus, situated in Bangalore rural beyond Doddaballapura, is dedicated to 'Fostering inner freedom and outer productivity' while serving the greater good of the country and its people. The central focus is on creating a Panch Bhuta based retreat centre, providing profound healing experiences and empowering individuals to take charge of their growth. The ongoing construction aims to welcome more participants in the future, seeking transformation and enriched well-being.