Pragna Consultants: Promising Quality Consulting for All Industry Verticals

Ravi Ramasamy,  Director

Ravi Ramasamy


The Indian consulting industry has expanded greatly over the past few decades, both in terms of size and breadth of services provided. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for specialized consulting services from Indian industry, creating a window of opportunity for a large number of consultants to assist businesses with their extensive knowledge and resources. Strong capabilities in areas like IT, Quality management, Safety management and telecommunication combined with a low-cost structure and the entry of many large players, have contributed to the rapid expansion of this sector in India. Moreover, the relaxation of previous FDI restrictions has also played a key role. Despite the pandemic's impact on the industries, demand for consulting services is expected to rise as the economy continues to recover and markets reopen. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8 percent and reach $1201 billion in 2025 globally.

One such firm growing in the consulting industry is Pragna Consultants based in Chennai. A firm established in 2005, it is one of the leading and experienced groups of consultants giving their Management consultancy services in different sectors.

"The implementation of process safety and behaviour safety programmes is our primary area of concentration. For the Indian industry to be competitive on a global scale, there is a significant push to both benchmark and improve management processes. Because of this push, businesses also need to have quality management systems and safety management systems that are on par with the best in the world. We have provided consulting services to major corporations we are in an excellent position to offer such
services", says Ravi Ramasamy, Director, Pragna Consultants.

In the prevailing scenarios, where the demand for a globally stable management process is on the rise and world class safety management systems and quality management systems are the need of the hour. Pragna consultants offer services in risk management, environmental impact assessment, quality assurance, and financial advisory. "One of our most prominent services is the introduction of a management system focused on safety. We are experts at introducing Process Safety Management and changing organizational attitudes toward safety with the help of the Behavior based Safety initiative. We conduct audits for Process Safety, fire safety, Total Quality Management, and quality control systems. With the tag line 'Leading to Wisdom', we go beyond Data, Information, and Knowledge and lead the clients to the wisdom in making safety culture transformation and process safety implementation projects highly successful", speaks Ravi Ramasamy.

Pragna consultants is strengthening the consultancy offering with a digital training initiative by joining hands with a Virtual reality/ Augmented Reality firm

Pragna Constants Pvt. Ltd. has been established with a strong qualitative, ethical and responsive attitude towards society. All the consultants are highly experienced and have worked in the

largest & reputed companies in the country such as Reliance & Indian Oil Corporation and have personally implanted safety, process safety and quality management systems in their companies. The consultants have also supported projects overseas and are thus capable of working in a multi cultural environment.Practical knowledge and experience in implementation are their key strength. The companies always look up to the improvement and Pragna consultants is strengthening the consultancy offering with a digital training initiative by joining hands with a Virtual reality/ Augmented Reality firm. This will tremendously benefit clients through effective training on safety management systems and concepts and emergency response skills.

Future Roadmap
Consulting services in India are in high demand among both domestic and international businesses. The expanding economy and the resulting demand for consulting services have created many promising new avenues for expansion. It is estimated that this market is growing by 20 percent every year. There are many new segments including AR/VR training, remote consultancy and audits which have tremendous growth potential. Pragna consultants is intended to be among the Top 5 in the Process safety management consultancy field in India by the year 2025. The mission of the company is to lead clients in the path of wisdom for the successful implementation of safety management transformation projects.