Pragati Physiotherapy Clinic: Transforming Health & Well Being With Effective Therapies

Dr. Vinay Verma,Physiotherapy Doctor

Dr. Vinay Verma

Physiotherapy Doctor

Every Indian household complains of joint pains and backaches people usually tend to take a painkiller for instant relief. But in the long run, we rush towards eradication. Pain pills result in extreme side effects due to overdose. As pain is not passably controlled by the allopathic treatment, physiotherapy can effectively win the race. Keeping pace with these phenomenal advances of science, it has progressed to make man live longer and quality lives. It is helping mankind experience better healthcare, thus making it available for all. Treatments such as physiotherapy are had proven to be extremely helpful for patients, becoming a value add to the whole medical system.

Under the leadership of Dr. Vinay Verma PT, Founder, Pragati Physiotherapy Clinic was established in 2012 to offer affordable and effective Physiotherapy services resolving Paralysis, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Back Pain, and Joint Pain, and more. In over 15 years of experience, he has worked as Physiotherapist in Central Jail Hospital, Tihar from 2008 to 2015 and was a Senior Physiotherapist from 2010 to 2012. His expertise in this field has given him the responsibilities as an HOD (Head of the Department)of CENTRAL JAIL NO.2,CENTRAL JAIL No. 6, and District Jail Rohini for three years. He has also been practicing in Shradha Multi specialty Hospital
as Sr.Consultant Physiotherapist and running Pragati Physiotherapy Clinic successfully. Outclassing the competition, his clinic provides holistic view by incorporating several therapeutic procedures. Indeed, it is a trusted and preferred wellness destination for all those seeking healing in the best of completeness.

Dr. Vinay has treated 5000+ patients with high quality and patient tailored physiotherapy

Pragati Physiotherapy Clinic understands the root cause of pain very well. It brings relief with a unique treatment system that focuses on the optimum performance of the human body by enhancing posture and total body mobility. "Our goal is to improve health and make people feel better than when they walked in the door," Dr. Vinay remarks.

He further adds, "We have successfully treated 5000+ patients from painful conditions. We will provide timely treatment of the best quality at optimum cost. Furthermore, we will keep in constant touch with patients until they are fully recovered and physically normal. Hence, we feel proud to be the best physiotherapy clinic in Narela, Delhi".

Holistic Treatment
The Pragati Physiotherapy Clinic provides the breadth of recommendations and treatment necessary for making significant progress with natural healthcare therapies. Its systematic techniques and pain relieving treatments help sports enthusiasts as well. Pragati Physiotherapy Clinic is promoting research and evidence based Physiotherapy that are simple, practical, and customized while focusing on prevention and wellness. The centre is known to bring about mobility in patients after an injury or ailment that is detrimental to the movement of a part of the body or the entire body. The whole process involves examination, prognosis, and treatment which results in promoting flexibility and function of the affected area.

Dr. Vinay exclaims, Our patients experience a transformation in their health through our therapies. The ultimate goal is better & healthy living. We discover and treat the root cause of our patient's problems and use the latest technology & machines to treat conditions like Arthritis spondylosis, Sciatica, Slip Disc, Sports Injuries, and many others. Through our method, we ensure care and comfort while providing treatments”.