Positive Wings: Providing Mental Well-Being, Ease in Everyday Living with Growth & Personal Evolvement

Dr. Naznin M A. Chimthanawala,FounderWith an effective therapist, science shows that psychotherapy even works better in the long-term and is more enduring than medication. In fact, not only is it more cost-effective, but psychotherapy leads to fewer relapses of anxiety and mild to moderate depression than medication use alone. Moreover, the therapy aids people in coping-up with stress, relationship troubles, job loss, chronic illness, death of a loved one and substance abuse, thereby enhancing and maintaining their physical & mental health and promoting honesty & intimacy in their daily life.

Nagpur-based Positive Wings deploys holistic integrated approach including cognitive-behavioral, inter & intra personal, and other kinds of talk therapies to help individuals to work through their problems. Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and a psychologist. Grounded in dialogue, Positive Wings renders a supportive environment that allows person to talk openly with psychologist who is objective, neutral and nonjudgmental. The clinic not only grants a space of absolutely no judgment and homely atmosphere but also encourages people to reflect on themselves in an
observational manner.

Grounded in dialogue, Positive Wings renders a supportive environment that allows person to talk openly with psychologist who is objective, neutral and nonjudgmental

Under the guidance of Dr. Naznin M A. Chimthanawala (Founder who holds MA in Clinical Psychology and MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy and is an international affiliate member of American Psychological Association), Positive Wings bestows gamut of services ranging from individual one-on-one, family & online counselling, telephony counselling. She specialises as a Relationship consultant and Wellness facilitator to tackle anxiety, pre & post marital issues, pre & post pregnancy depression,, adolescence issues and various mental un-ease which may (if not checked on time) result in disease.

All aforementioned counselling sessions are of one hour and act as a roadmap to help the doctor understand her clients, form a bond with her clients and discover solutions that will change their thought and behaviour pattern, leading them to personal wellness. This effective motivation & communication establishes quick rapport, trust, and interaction with adolescents & adults to work through their disharmony to provide them fruitful techniques and treatment plans for their personal and professional problems. “Bach’s flower remedy is a perfect complement to my counselling as it works on the emotional quotient
of the person,”adds Dr. Naznin who is registered with the Bach Center- UK as a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner.

Additional Services
Positive Wings’ Learning to Fly (18-25 years) and Learning to Live with Grace & Gravity (35+ years) programs teach individuals basic life skills like how to deal with oneself, understand and manage conflicts, react or respond to arguments, and money & financial issues. Alongside counselling, she prepares people to manage harmony between their mind & body which helps them to lead a good life. “The Pause and Balance are two highlights in wellness. Pause is vital at various phases of life. It gives you time to think and respond wisely,” affirms Dr. Naznin. Besides, the clinic involves various practical approaches (writing, and light meditation) to facilitate patient’s wellness and upholds patients across the world by connecting with them via telephone, mail or Skype.

To further facilitate clinical & personality testing for careers to youngsters, Positive Wings associates with various schools wherein students are educated on how to handle behaviour and IQ issues (helping them in selecting their career or higher studies by performing Differential Aptitude Test). The company maintains complete confidentiality of the patient records & conditions, and shares only crucial information with the family members, if need be with the permission of the client. Positive Wings currently concentrates on Counselling and Bach’s Flower Therapy along with life skill and life coaching. As a life coach, Dr. Naznin is in process of developing her own course to help people lead a happy life.