pinkWhale HEALTHCARE: Building a Virtual Health Care Relationship

Anita Shet,CEO
Anita Shet, CEO

The virtual traces of digitalization are guiding every walk of our lives today, and the healthcare field is no exception. Taking advantage of these virtual benefits, pinkWhale HEALTHACRE, a leading e-health company that embarked on this road in 2009 itself, has developed a distinct platform directing healthcare services to the homes of people by simply providing a base for interactions between doctors and their patients using technological arena. The company envisions bringing about a change in the way healthcare is delivered, while also enhancing the efficiency of practicing doctors.

Emphatically providing a partner-oriented approach rather than being a mere solution provider, pinkWhale serves as the operational & technology backbone aiding doctors/health centers to focus on their medical practice. Differentiating characteristics that lead the company to a top-notch in its field are, its attention to detail. For instance, its App enables patients to check the real-time traffic at the clinic. pinkWhale also ensures zero percentage loss of patient calls by tracking all missed call appointments
and maintains an excellent queue management system at the centers.

"pinkWhale utilizes LAMP enhanced with IVR technology to provide integrated Web Solutions and maintains the safety and security of patient data by following HIPPA protocol"

Revolutionizing Healthcare Services
Networking with a belief system set on Trust, Simplicity and Quality, the company fortifies its services using software as a pillar to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. Operationally, it provides a positive patient experience at the clinic and an improved OPD efficiency by streamlining processes & communications. pinkWhale fulfills pre-consultation requirements such as appointment booking modules, post-visit virtual consultations through telephonic and chat basis, virtual report analysis and patient engagement modules by means of videos, e-mails, WhatsApp, reminders and so on.

pinkWhale utilizes LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL,PHP)enhanced with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology to provide integrated Web Solutions and maintains the safety and security of patient data by following HIPPA protocol. Separate Encryption and Hashing methods have been installed to ensure authorized access to patient data. Adhering to all standards and rules that pertain to the healthcare field, the company ensures regulated and guaranteed services. Focused on developing an
empowered environment that paves way for innovation, pinkWhale encourages its employees to constantly upgrade apace with emerging technologies & trends.

Channelizing Services & Personalizing Experiences
pinkWhale is committed to helping patients to access only the best practitioners in the market. Consisting of an effervescent customer support team, the concerns of the patients are sorted out in the fastest and most efficient manner. Facilitating quicker responses from doctors, getting appointments on priority and reducing the patients’ waiting time, are some of the responsibilities carried out by the support team.

Amplifying the Future Outlook
pinkWhale perpetuates that healthy women breed healthy families, hence a healthy nation and thus seeks to contribute to women healthcare in partnership with medical professionals. With a mounting reputation in its field, pinkWhale has gained a firm stance in Bangalore and is proposing to venture out into other metro cities in the coming year. It has outlined plans of establishing 300 active clinics by 2019 and launch up to 2000 centers across eight cities by 2021. “We are upgrading our solution for much better user experience with respect to ease of use. We are also adding more features and intelligence in our product,” concludes Anita Shet, CEO, pinkWhale HEALTHCARE.