Physiofit: From Physiotherapy to Gym & Yoga, Your Perfect Fitness Partner

Dr. Bhavin Chande, OwnerWho would have thought that a cerebral palsy kid, born premature with no strength to even stand on his legs will one day represent India in swimming in Paralympics - 2020! But the teen Jigar Thakkar has done the unexpected. Thanks to his courage and the unconditional physiotherapy treatment by Pysiofit that has changed the course of life for Jigar. “When he first came to me, his parents were carrying him in their arms as he didn’t had the strength to ride, climb and to grip also. Today due to our physiotherapy sessions and sports specific training since 2016, he has become the first Indian Para-swimmer to qualify and get selected for Paralympics,” proudly proclaims Dr. Bhavin Chande, Owner, Physiofit.

Having many such success stories to its credit, Morbi-based Physiofit aims to make its patient’s life healthier through its complete alternative health solutions without medications. Serving in the field of
physiotherapy, yoga, weight reductions, group exercise and medical gym, Physiofit has earned the reputation of being the only center that treats patient of 0 age (CP child) to the old age (Veriatic rehab) by cross-fitting everything under one roof. Unlike other yoga centers or gyms who treats one and all with the same hand, the company post a detailed assessment of its patients’ health condition (like blood pressure, heart condition, sugar level and others) custom-frame specific exercises to suit their purpose and provide the desired results. “We first assess a client, whether for physiotherapy or fitness, and then create workout plans based on their body type and structure,” asserts Dr. Bhavin.

To treat patients with acute back pain, Physiofit is the only clinic in India that uses Thermogenic cameras to diagnose the exact pain areas/points and provide specified solutions

From gynic (including prenatal), orthopedic, neuro, pediatric, cardiac, to lifestyle oriented patients, Physiofit’s commitment to quality service (follows World Confederation of Physical Therapy criteria) is what makes it unique with a success ratio of almost 95 percent. To treat
patients with acute back pain, Physiofit is the only clinic in India that uses Thermogenic cameras to diagnose the exact pain areas/points and provide specified solutions. Alongside, modern technologies like ultrasound, class 3B laser for pain treatment, core muscle stabilization for back pain with visual biofeedback mechanism, osteopathy, soft tissue mobilization and manipulation with M2T blade, help Physiofit deliver three times better results compared to the general treatment path.

Team of Experts
Comprising of 12 physiotherapists, one certified yoga teacher, three masters of physiotherapists and three ASCM certified trainers, Physiofit team is guided by Dr. Bhavin who is a pilates expert trained in Australia, and one of the few high altitude trainer physiotherapists in India. Even today, Dr. Bhavin ensures he or one of his team member should personally attend every conference/workshop related to physiotherapy. He brings industry experts from PAN India to train his team. This attitude has enabled the clinic to grow 30 percent since its second year, while it aims to open new center in Morbi to fulfill its mission of ‘My Morbi, Fit Morbi’. The future blueprint even has plans for opening franchises acorss Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.