Physio Be Fit: Rendering Quality Care with Compassion

Dr. Sitaraman Sundaresan,DirectorIt is a widespread tendency in people to confuse symptoms with causes and subsequently attend to the former without heeding the latter. Although this may stimulate a momentary relief, it veils the trouble-maker hindering the normal functionality of the body. Comprehending the thick layer of difference between the both, the Bangalore-based Physio Be Fit (PBF) is a standalone physiotherapy center that analyses the root cause and seeks solutions for it. Conceived in 2006 by experienced professionals in the field of physiotherapy (Dr. Sitaraman Sundaresan and Dr. Shalini Varma), PBF renders a state-of-the-art infrastructure to heal individuals with Orthopedic, sports injuries, and other forms of rehabilitation (neurological, ergonomics, joint replacement, and so on).

Fitness with Ease
“Delivering quality care with compassion is what we believe in. Successfully carrying out 6000+ spine & back procedures, over 3000 joint treatments, and 2500+ shoulder cure, we have proved ourselves so far,” evokes Dr. Sitaraman, Director, PBF. The clinic focuses on non-surgical and surgical healthcare, unlike most players who endorse diagnostic fronts,
prioritizing non-surgical methods
that involve stress management and pain management followed by strengthening & conditioning. Reflecting the fact that no two patients come with the same ailment, the clinic incorporates a heavily customized program that emphasizes on understanding the specific needs of the patients by the virtue of its R&D done by a team of five people who procures data from the market and analyses them. Further, each patient is treated by the major squad with very less inclusion of assistants.

PBF renders a state-of-the-art infrastructure to heal individuals with Orthopedic, sports injuries, and other forms of rehabilitation

Upholding its mission to provide corrective and preventive treatment for its patients in pain, PBF brings forth therapeutic fitness via three classes - Dynamic fitness ball program, the core cardio fit, and strengthening & conditioning. Following the latest exercise methods, the clinic not only focuses on the current treatment to minimize time but also on preventing relapse in the future especially in the case of repetitive stress injuries that stem from repeated stress and has a high recurrent chance. As most of the patients approach the clinic for alleviating Orthopedic pain that includes knee/joint pains, shoulder pains, and spinal pains, it devises a hands-on approach starting with the proper analysis of the cause, based on which it charts out a customized-plan for each patient.

Dynamic fitness ball program is one of PBF’s most desired programs that works on a large
scale as it is an exercise based rehabilitation which is mostly non-surgical endowing amazing benefits such as increasing strength and toning the core muscles, improving lower back mobility, balance, stability, proprioception, and so on. The clinic ensures that patients exercise under their supervision for a couple of days in a one-to-one session wherein clients are taught exercises and any clarification if needed, is given. Considering safety as a gift of quality, the clinic owns 80-90 percent equipment which is German or Finnish made embarking high quality. Adhering to 95 percent of the ISO standards, PBF undergoes quality analysis once in a quarter by engineers who come and certify it, while quality check managers ensure excellence in delivery.

Dr.Shalini Varma, Co-Founder

A premier physiotherapy rehab & core fitness center, PBF has been bestowed with several recognitions such as ‘Best Physiotherapy & Fitness Center in Karnataka’ by Praxis Media, ‘Best Physiotherapy Center in Bangalore’ by Prime Time and many more. With a quarterly patient flow that increased by 23 percent, the clinic maintains healthcare partnership with many corporates and conducts workshops for them. “We are all set to establish our second venture, Tranquil Healthcare and launch our own application for exercise-based rehabilitation,” concludes the duo.