Peki Therapy: Empowering Minds, Healing Hearts

Lalpeki Ralte,   FounderIndia's Mental Health Therapy Consultants market is experiencing significant growth, with a projected CAGR of 15 percent from 2022 to 2028, indicating a rising demand for mental health services. The market's expansion is driven by increasing awareness of mental health issues exacerbated by societal changes, work-related stress, and lifestyle challenges. Additionally, adopting digital platforms for teletherapy and online counselling facilitates easier access to mental health services. Corporate initiatives to prioritize employee well-being and the government's efforts to integrate mental health into the healthcare system further contribute to the market's development. However, customers often face challenges such as stigma and discrimination, limited access to care due to financial constraints, lack of family support, and misdiagnosis of mental health issues. Peki Therapy, led by Lalpeki Ralte, is an approachable and empathetic counselling and psychotherapy service based in Bengaluru. With a focus on relationships and interpersonal dynamics, Peki Therapy provides online and in-person consultations using eclectic methods catering to diverse backgrounds and cultural differences.

Since its inception in 2020, Peki Therapy has shown remarkable growth and adaptability in addressing challenging points for its customers. During the COVID pandemic, the company swiftly catered to the increased mental health needs, providing crucial
support to clients. “Post-pandemic, despite a slower demand due to changing routines, Peki Therapy continues to offer accessible and empathetic counselling services. Peki's Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psychodynamic Theory expertise have helped numerous clients build awareness and resolve their lives. The company's expansion to offer therapy services pan India reflects its commitment to reaching and helping a broader clientele”, says Lalpeki Ralte.

Peki Therapy fosters mental well-being with compassion & empowering lives through therapy & personalized care

Mindful Therapy for Lasting Transformation
Peki Therapy offers a comprehensive range of flagship services to address various mental health needs which services include Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), trauma therapy, relationship counselling, and general psychotherapy. The company offers a personalized and empathetic approach towards each individual and focuses on building strong therapeutic relationships. Peki therapy utilizes diverse therapeutic methods, which allows clients to feel understood and supported through out their healing journey. “With a commitment to empowerment and continuous support, Peki Therapy strives to create positive and lasting changes in the lives of its clients”, adds Lalpeki Ralte.

Peki Therapy stands out in the market due to its unique and approachable approach towards therapy and mental health. Unlike traditional and serious perceptions of therapy, Peki Therapy aims to simplify complex emotions and create a comfortable space for clients to discuss their interpersonal relationships. The use of social media to normalize and destigmatize mental health issues showcases the company's commitment to awareness and education. Additionally, Peki Therapy's focus on tailor made interventions and constant feedback from clients ensures the effectiveness of its services. Furthermore, the expertise of the founder being a PhD Psychology Scholar and a future educator at higher education institution adds a layer of credibility and up-to-date knowledge that sets Peki Therapy apart from other players in the market.

Peki Therapy's future roadmap includes making therapy accessible to people of all ages and reaching remote areas. The company aims to raise awareness and destigmatize mental health through social media and informative articles. Additionally, Peki Therapy plans to expand its service portfolio by forming a cohesive team of resource persons who share the same vision and mission, further enhancing the ability to provide comprehensive and effective therapeutic support.