Pause & Reflect: Revitalizing Minds & Empowering Mental Wellbeing

Sakshi Bhushan,    FounderIn recent times, mental health has gained significant attention and importance worldwide, and India is no exception. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started recognizing the significance of addressing both physical and mental well-being. Alongside this growing awareness, concepts like mindfulness and positive psychology have found their place in the mainstream, drawing from ancient Indian traditions such as yoga and Vedantic philosophy. This has created a flourishing period for mental health industries and consultants, as individuals of varying age groups, from youth to middle-aged adults, are understanding the importance of addressing their mental health needs. As the mental health industry expands, it becomes essential to provide timely and resourceful services, aligning with the increasing demand and helping individuals flourish in this transformative era.

Based out of Delhi and established in 2022, Pause and Reflect is a firm that offers a diverse range of psychological support and educational resources. With a focus on inclusivity, it provides four types of consultations, including one-on-one, family, couple, and teenage therapies. Additionally, Pause and Reflect conducts group therapy sessions aimed at addressing psychological issues while promoting positive habits such as mindfulness, stress reduction, anger management, and depression management.

Furthermore, Pause and Reflect offers academic support for individuals interested in psychology, providing live sessions and pre-recorded courses. These courses cover topics such as the foundations of psychology, clinical psychology, and counseling psychology, with interactive group sessions and a dedicated platform for addressing queries. “I am excited to share that I will be organizing a series of free webinars. These webinars aim to address topics that I believe are crucial for discussion among not only psychologists and individuals with psychological experience but also the general population, as mental health concerns all of us. Two specific topics I am currently working on for the workshops are mindfulness and parenting. I believe these areas are essential for promoting well-being and building healthy relationships", adds Sakshi Bhushan, Founder of Pause and Reflect.

True healing begins when we pause to listen to the whispers of our own hearts & reflect upon the path that leads us to growth

“In my counseling sessions, I adopt an integral approach that caters to the diverse needs of my clients. As a counselor in Delhi, India, where the population is highly varied, I believe in using multiple therapeutic and counseling skills based on each client's specific requirements and responses. Rather than adhering strictly to one therapeutic modality like CBT or psychoanalysis, I prioritize a time centered approach that focuses on what works best for everyone. By establishing a personal connection and relating to their experiences, I create a rapport that fosters trust and understanding”, continues Sakshi.

The Way Ahead
Pause and Reflect's future plan is to raise widespread awareness about mental health in India, extending its reach to the most remote villages and towns. By integrating various psychology fields into one unified platform, the objective is to empower individuals to prioritize their mental well-being. Healing parents and adults is seen as a crucial step towards positively influencing future generations. The aim is to foster a collaborative network among professionals, promoting a holistic approach to mental health care. Through a long-term roadmap, Pause and Reflect strives to emphasize the significance of mental well-being across all aspects of life,including personal growth and relationships. By achieving these goals, the organization seeks to make a positive impact on the entire nation, ensuring that mental health receives the attention and care it deserves.