Panjwani Architects: Leveraging a Legacy of Attested Architectural Expertise

Brij Panjwani & Ila Panjwani,Co-Founders

Brij Panjwani


Architects Brij & Ila Panjwani co-founded the Panjwani Architects soon after their graduation from IIT Roorkee in 1981. With architecture being considered an unnecessary expense back then, the initial years of the company were full of struggle, and with projects few & far-flung. But the dauntless gold medalist architecture graduate together with his resolute wife continued their endeavour and soon toppled this paucity. Consequently, Panjwani Architects at present is a prominent architecture firm known for its intelligent work born out of deep thought for the context & user.

More than just designing, Panjwani plans high-performance buildings through rigorous analysis that quantifies data and empowers design team & owners to make informed choices on measures to maximize the value created with the investment made. With healthcare buildings undergoing drastic changes in accordance with the shift in perception towards infrastructure & service requirements for efficient operation, resiliency and not just sustainability is leveraged at Panjwani to deliver safe & secure community-centered designs, building system redundancy and incorporate passive system into the patient environment. Further-more, systematic space utilization, optimization & performance and improved patient experience are ensured via data feedback.

Care & Commitment in Designing & Services
The proactive emphasis by the Indian
government on monitoring health-care-as-a-service has led to the imposition of stringent laws on tertiary hospitals. Accreditations like JCI, NABH and approvals from statutory agencies like AERB, PNDT, Fire NOC, and health department have now become essential. Intrinsically, major reconstructions became obligatory for numerous hospitals who did not follow them during the design phase. Thus, patient safety became the prime concern in the hospital architecture domain.

Leveraging a legacy of architectural expertise, Panjwani acts as a one-stop-solution in consultation and services ranging from HVAC to plumbing & water supply, fire-fighting, electrification in cladding and energy optimization. Its projects which celebrate a simple material palates are marked by generous spaces created through implementation of strong technical knowledge in various fields like functional design, engineering, geometry, logistics, building techniques and ergonomics with sensibility to art & aesthetics. Competent to cater to present and future needs of patients and staffs alike, Panjwani utilizes strategic planning, internal & external collaborations, financial stewardship, an enterprise rich management and electronic data for performance improvement; thus delivering a mindful design.

We have always been at the forefront of adopting new technology and today we can boast of using the latest and most cutting edge hardware and software solutions to provide the best to our clients

The Vardhman Hospital in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, is a perfect architectural wonder from the company. Designed to get the fizz back into patients' life, Vardhman is in possession of a soothing environment & happy ambience. The super specialty hospital has been outlined using the latest innovative technologies like CAD drawing, 3D drawings, 3D BIM modeling & architectural BIM and simulations for diverse scenarios to help clients reach a decision. Thus, care and commitment can be felt everywhere in the vicinity, right from the reception & waiting area to OPD, IPD, patient rooms and even OT complex. The fact that dedicated teams of supervisors and civil engineers ensure the quality and accuracy of the infrastructure is a further reassurance. "We have always been at the forefront of adopting new technology and today we can boast of using the latest and most cutting edge hardware and software solutions to provide the best to our clients," concludes Brij.

With the advent of distinguished young talents like Himadri Panjwani and Komal Aggarwal and the ever-in-creasing frequency of clients prefer-ring a one-stop-shop for their needs, Panjwani Architects is heading to-wards a brighter future ahead.