Palm Power: Providing Agile and Swift Patient Relationship Management

Shreyas Muralidhar,   Director

PalmPower Team

The MedTech industry has met its next growth engine in Mobile Health(mHealth). As consumer and physician adoption rates for mHealth and other technology solutions continue to rise along with new use cases, the patient journey experience across the spectrum of preventive care and wellness, diagnosis, treatment decision, treatment, and high-risk care management is expected to evolve. Enhancing this patient journey experience, Bangalore based PalmPower’s Medicus aims at patient relationship management to help users to generate revenues, engage with their patients better, deliver better care, increase patient satisfaction and automate daily tasks.

Medicus Front-Desk for Hassle-free Patient Engagement
Medicus is divided into four core
"Medicus Front-Desk focuses on eliminating the clutter in the waiting hall to reduce patient waiting time"

products that address different problems of both, the clinic and hospitals. Medicus Front-Desk focuses on eliminating the clutter in the waiting hall to reduce patient waiting time. With the help of this app, patient is able to view the real time visibility of queue status. This helps doctors to engage with the patient more effectively thereby enhancing patient experience. Front Desk automates the front desk tasks as well. As a result, work for the front desk staff is reduced and potential revenue pilferages are avoided. There are five levels of security built into the Medicus platform - communication level, geographical level, storage level, access level and the level that involves protection of access privileges & personal identifiable information. The company has also taken special care to protect passwords and personal identity information.

PalmPower’s Medicus has helped a homeopathic clinic where manual appointments were mismanaged and patient ended up spending hours to meet doctors. The front desk had to handle close to 100 calls daily, mainly seeking appointments. When the clinic
deployed Medicus, the number of call appointment reduced as patients booked their appointments on their own via SMS or by giving a miss call. Patients are also notified when their turn is about to come, leading to reduction in waiting time by more than 60 percent. This has led to a more positive patient experience in the clinic leading to better healthcare outcome for the patient while also making front-desk more productive. Besides, Medicus Patient app allows patients to connect with their regular doctors. The patients can not only book appointments on the app, but can also track their real time queue position. Patients can also use the same app to chat with the doctor and also do a video consultation for follow up visits in the near future.

There are approximately 300 doctors beta testing PalmPower’s product and a few hospitals are running proof-of-concepts on the same. Medicus was handling around 6,000 appointments per month last year and it has grown to 40,000 per month this year. In the years to come, PalmPower is showing intense expansionplans to offer the Medicus platform to 1,000 hospitals and about 30,000 doctors.