Painfreeodisha: Registering Treatments for a Painless Tomorrow

Dr. Shovan Kumar Rath,Interventional Pain Specialist

Dr. Shovan Kumar Rath

Interventional Pain Specialist

The plight of human lives revolves around debilitating nature of aches that interferes with their sleep, work, and quality time with friends or family. To flee from that perpetual yoke one needs to find someone who could successfully indulge in pain management and provide prime treatment to bid adieu for twinges that desisted them from doing desired activities. The commitment in performing interventional pain management encouraged Painfreeodisha to cater its services on home and hospital based palliative care services as well. Being an Odisha based medical centre, Painfreeodisha supplies top services for interventions as well as advanced technical services. In the field of Pain management, Painfreeodisha is striving to be the lone market leader by allocating apical services to the people of Odisha that they had never experienced before.

Precise and Painless Remedies
Dr Shovan Kumar Rath, the lead interventional pain specialist and the Director of Health Village Hospital, started this as a movement with a judicious intention to make the whole state of Odisha pain free. For him it is more than a brand, and rather a cause of not barring a single patient in Odisha
suffering from pain, and thereby navigating aquality life. Painfreeodisha offers possible interventions like radiofrequency ablation therapy for Trigeminal neuralgia, a typical facial pain, sympathetic mediated pain, Prolozone therapy for osteoarthritis knee and backpain etc. Treatment forms like vertebral augmentation for fractured spinal cord, neurolysis for neurolytic blocks, and radiofrequency for all kinds of cancer related pains are executed. Moreover, psychotherapy is also provided at the centre. The clinic provides special ambulances with trained personnel to take care of terminally ill patients.

Painfreeodisha is striving to be the lone market leader by allocating apical services to the people of Odisha

This firm operates a state-of-the-art pain clinic equipped with all modern gadgets of modular operation theatre with advanced fluoroscope machine and USG machine to under go breakthrough procedures within an affordable range for any common citizen. Starting from INR 3,000 for injection procedure, Radio frequency ablation may cost 10-20k along with free palliative care and ambulance facility. Well trained medical field personnel are working at the clinic since 2010 in assisting the procedures involved in taking concerns of the patients' postoperative measures. Along with nursing staffs, non-medical background personnel and ground staffs are given training in palliative care courses for rendering high standard of services. The main challenge reckoned by the clinic is to expanse the awareness about their advanced treatment. This is often done by regularly performing CMEs for doctors, and also by reaching the people of Odisha via meetings to enlighten them on what is a chronic pain.

Painfreeodisha commenced its function in 2010. The clinic has bagged the award for the second best clinic for palliative care 2019 by Times of India newspaper, and has won numerous recognitions as national faculty in various conferences. Dr Shovan Kumar Rath is an internationally acclaimed pain physician in the state who is trained at interventional pain speciality. The clinic is currently focused in bringing home based palliative care services and spinal cord stimulation. Painfreeodisha has plans underway to open two peripheral centres as well as an NGO, which will work as palliative care units.