Origin Formulations: Leading Contract Manufacturer & International Exporter of a Gamut of Top-Notch Therapeutic Medicines

Ujwal Desai,COOPoised in the fast-growing segment of pharmaceutical healthcare since 2011, Origin Formulations Pvt. Ltd., a WHO GMP & ISO 9001:2015 certified company, demarcates as one of the pioneering contract manufacturers in India manufacturing top-notch and affordable medicines for almost 150 Indian companies. Not just domestic operations, Origin Formulations embarked into international operations in 2016 and sparked business agreements with 37 countries in just a span of two years. “Presently, Origin Formulations is acclaimed as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of products under the therapeutic segment that never compromises on any aspect to deliver medicines with good & consistent quality as well as top-notch packaging,” asserts Ujwal Desai, COO, Origin Formulations.

A Master of Quality & Commitment
Across its manufacturing facility, Origin Formulations has two distinct lines – General Therapeutics entailing tablets, capsules, liquid orals and external topical formulations, and
"Origin Formulations as certains to maintain utmost quality and good packaging of its products batch after batch by not compromising on any facet including pricing"

Cephalosporin entailing tablets, capsules, dry powder suspension and dry powder injection. In total, the firm has a complete basket of almost 160 products under segments likes anti-malarials, anti-psychotics and others, including narcotic products (approved & licensed), thereby standing as a one-stop-shop to address diverse product needs of a vast spectrum of customers. Despite being a late entrant in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing realm, the firm ascertains to maintain utmost quality and good packaging of its products batch after batch by not compromising on any facet including pricing. Moreover, Origin Formulations is oriented on a Formulation & Development (F&D) model unlike the conventional Research & Development (R&D) model, with a core objective of fulfilling any new product requirement of clients at the earliest by developing the perfect formulations in accordance with their specifications at its manufacturing plant.

International Presence
Since the time (2016) of foraying into export business, Origin Formulations is being supervised by an exclusive team with 15-20 years of experience in pharmaceutical sector, as well as exports trade. Post analyzing on which country to proceed with during the initial phase, the firm
has directed its focus towards the Rest Of the World (ROW) markets like Africa, South East Asia and CIS Region instead of regulated markets like U.S., Europe and others. The firm further made business agreements with its partners, completed the company registration and procured many plant accreditations from NAFDAC-Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Malawi, DR Congo, Yemen, Cambodia & Afghanistan. “We exported our first consignments worth $200,000 to Afghanistan wherein our partners despite not performing the quality tests were extremely satisfied with our consignments in terms of prices, packaging and results and also promoted all our products on Facebook and other platforms,” expresses Ujwal.

Reaping Rs.30 crore YoY from its contract manufacturing business, Origin Formulations managed to earn $400,000 solely from its exports trade, and has modified its domestic strategies. The firm envisions obtaining Rs.20 crore from the same, while cutting its current clients from 150 to 100 to focus on bigger contracts. In fact, Origin Formulations has already dispatched around 180 dossiers across various countries globally with 400 dossiers in the pipeline. In the coming years, Origin Formulations is planning to unveil a new manufacturing facility exclusively for super specialty products under Oncology, Nephrology and other fields, as well as receive accreditations from Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya and five other countries by 2019.