Aarshaveda Wellness : Paving Way to a Healthy Future

Venkatesh Anilkumar,Managing Director

Venkatesh Anilkumar

Managing Director

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the need for pragmatic clinical responses. At the same time, at an individual-level, it has compelled people to revisit their relationship with traditional medicine. As traditional medicine is charting its way into every household in our post-pandemic era, Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal practice from India is gaining fast popularity. While it is extremely important to have rigorous knowledge about these plants and herbs, there is also a need for sustainable methods for cultivation of these plants as natural ingredients, one which does not compromise the quality of the products. According to Venkatesh Anilkumar, the founder of Aarshaveda Wellness, organic farming is the way forward and he shows how it is done.

Making Traditional Knowledge Everyone’s Business
At Aarshaveda Wellness, it is important to ‘reposition Ayurveda in the 21st century’. To achieve that, Aarshaveda develops its products with organic and natural ingredients, ensuring their products are of highest quality. While many products are marketed under the garb of ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, at Aarshaveda, these are not mere buzzwords, rather the ethos of the company. Venkatesh explains, “When we say organic, it does not only mean that it is grown without pesticide or fertilizers. We have ensured that the produce is certified organic, where the land being cultivated is also left alone for 3-5
years. We get the farmer scertified, get the land certified through agencies that certify through USDA, India organic, European Union organic standards.” In 2015, he left his grandfather’s company, Kerala Ayurveda Limited, with a mission to preserve the core values of Ayurveda. And Aarshaveda Wellness was born, to develop health and wellness products which are completely natural and organic.

Products for the People, by the People
At Aarshaveda, it is important to keep consumers’ needs at the forefront and the firm has developed frameworks to incorporate consumer feedback. Hence, Aarshaveda’s sister brand Nature’s Veda, that is primarily geared towards Indian market, ensures that their ayurvedic formulations are accessible and easy to use. For example, the Dashapushpam Baby Oil, it was important for Venkatesh to receive feedback from the mothers. Today, their baby-oil is one of the top 10 baby oils sold on the online market and have garnered good ratings from companies like Amazon.

Though they started primarily exporting their products in the past year, Aarshaveda has observed a meteoric rise in their domestic sales. The company’s annual sales also increased manifolds from the previous years.

Venkatesh envisions to enter every household in India, with at least 2-3 products in every person’s daily lifestyle and they benet from that product

Ayurveda for the Healthy Future: Creating Awareness in 21st Century
Ayurveda, like every other traditional medicine across the globe, is a language that was spoken by specialists in the field and often lost in translation. It is difficult for people to understand the ayurvedic terms in Sanskrit and it is even more difficult to translate this terminology into English. However, at Aarshaveda, they have found a way to communicate Ayurveda to the common man by putting their efforts in conducting studies. Venkatesh explains, “Our products go through the same rigorous studies as a new drug development process in the allopathic field. Consequently, the result can be understood by a doctor and a common man.”

Venkatesh envisions to enter every household in India, with at least 2-3 products in every person’s daily lifestyle. He visions that Aarshaveda products provide solutions that are natural and effective. It is fascinating to observe him ponder over philosophical questions of choice with his products: efficacy over efficiency. At Aarshaveda, it is possible to do both.