Orange Dental & ENT Care Center: An Adroit ENT Dental Expert

Dr.  Uttam Agarwal,CEOIndia was ranked 112th out of 190 countries for healthcare by the World Health Organization. This factual detail places the country under a dismal predicament, with conspicuous reasons being lack of relevant equipment and lack of affordability with nearly 600 million people who lie low due to high costs of healthcare. While dental care & ENT are part of India’s primary healthcare system, it has always been an overlooked component of the country’s healthcare echelon, where good service is directly proportional to higher cost.

But compact state-of-the-art cutting-edge equipment with highly advanced surgical technology defines the Kolkata-based Orange Dental & ENT Care Center, Snore and Sinus Clinic (ODECC). It is the first-of-its-kind in Eastern-India that houses all 'Dental' and ENT facilities prioritizing affordability with comprehensive, contemporary treatments under the assistance of a competent staff proffered in an amiable ambiance.

This 2012-founded fine establishment carries along success-stories with its most recent being adept to treat the
governor of Bengal last year and governor of Meghalaya last month. Founded by Dr. Uttam Agarwal (CEO) whose 15 years of expertise in the field had earned him recognition as a nominee for the Rajiv Gandhi and Jeevan Jyothi awards, the center maneuvers authentic treatment styles blended with the skills of a competent workforce who utilizes the center’s copious resources to offer the best services. ODECC’s lucrative success lies within its infrastructures consisting of an OT room, a sleep lab/patients observation room, an audiometry room, dental and ENT consultation rooms and topping it with an aesthetically designed reception area.

"With a competitive advantage of owning high-end, sophisticated instruments for patient diagnosis and examination, ODECC does not comprise on technology"

Superlative Equipment Brackets Proficient Expertise
With a competitive advantage of owning high-end, sophisticated instruments for patient diagnosis and examination, the center does not comprise on technology, and hence uses world-class tools particularly, the advanced endoscopic HD3 Chip camera, Zeiss Microscope, the Radio frequency (for bloodless surgeries) from Germany, the Coblator from U.S. and the Microdebrider (highest version) from Ireland. Staffing seven efficient employees and receiving patients from diverse strata and different parts of the world, ODECC has tied-up with the best-in the field procuring the allergy test from Allergopharma, the sleep
lab is acquired from Philips Respironics another while the audiology is sourced from Amplifon, a leading hearing-aid specialist across the globe.

ODECC teams-up with its aristocratic facilities and renders quality services at the most affordable costs within the walls of a genial environment. Availing services varying from microscopic ear examinations, nasal endoscopy with photography, laryngoscopy, speech therapy, allergy testing and polysomnography to name a few, ODECC has further branched out super-specialty clinics like the snore and sleep apnea clinic, voice clinic, allergy and sinus clinic and the deafness and vertigo clinics.

Transcending Treatment beyond Clinic Walls
ODECC also know as a friendly center, has tied up with the Belle Vue Clinic (for major ENT surgeries) and with Charring Crossing Nursing Home, that aims at proffering services to meet the needs of the general population with a vision of 'equality to all in healthcare’. Further more, the center plans to launch /partner a Specialty ENT Hospital by 2021.

With a view to unlock insights and innovate solutions for better patientcare, the center’s tech-savvy and patient-friendly programs merge beyond the walls of the clinic. “We at Orange look beyond technology to the experiences of our consumers, patients and providers across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis and treatment,” avers Dr. Uttam.