Om Sairam Perfect Health: An Eclectic Consultation Hub Framing Customized Diet Plans Based on Acupressure

Dr. Manishaa,Consultant

Dr. Manishaa, Consultant

In the quest of staying healthy and fit, most people in the contemporary society go beyond their limits to workout excessively besides consuming protein shakes or other vitamin supplements with no knowledge on the after-effects. Alarmingly, this bracket tends to blindly adapt to any crash diet and fitness regime available on the web without comprehending the science underneath, thereby ending-up with the lowest pitch of hopes on weight reduction. On the other side, some people prefer leading a carefree lifestyle and devouring on various junk foods with least awareness on healthy lifestyle and food habits. Driving all these people towards their primordial goal of maintaining an ideal weight is Acupressure-based Diet Therapy, a technique that promotes weight loss through an exclusive diet that can perfectly balance the seven chakras/endocrine glands in the body. This therapy entails identifying and understanding the deficiencies or surfeits in one’s body firstly through a systematic procedure of examining the function of each endocrine gland. Post this, a diet plan is framed in accordance with the existing problem in order to cure that particular gland’s malfunction.

"Our efforts get its due share of recognition when our clients walk in with a warm smile and a heart full of satisfaction"

Silhouetting amongst its peers with a comprehensive knack on the science of Acupressure-based Diet Therapy, Om Sairam Perfect Health devises customized diet charts for its clients that can flawlessly balance the seven chakras of the body and help them in weight reduction through a healthy fashion to eventually enjoy a healthy and fit body. The diet charts in addition assign a stress-free and healthy lifestyle to the clients, thereby moulding them to handle any sort of challenge with respect to their body and health. Committing itself to never recommend any kind of crash diet to clients, the firm perceives the nuances of their health issues, hormones, lifestyle, working conditions and other factors to develop effective diet charts that break the monotony of dieting. ‘Nature is everything and everything is nature’ – is what Om Sairam Perfect Health strongly believes in!

Weight Loss – A Delightful Journey
While most of its clients expect miraculous results from a diet alone, Om Sairam Perfect Healthex pounds them that only
the diet followed with cent percent
dedication on a timely basis can bring-out remarkable results. In fact, its diet products, despite being low-salted, low-spiced and oil-free are extremely delicious and healthy, balanced mind, body and soul along with the hormones and chakras, thereby resulting in a swift and effortless weight loss for the clients. Above all, Om Sairam Perfect Health with the tag line – ‘Eat less, Eat best’ – masters in reshaping their determination and mindset, while placing them on the right track that can make weight loss an enjoyable journey and not just a destination. Contemplating the firm’s journey so far, Dr. Manishaa, Consultant, Om Sairam Perfect Health, articulates, “Our efforts get their due share of recognition when our clients walk-in with a warm smile and a heart full of satisfaction after beholding a drop of 5-7 kgs in their weight in just a span of 15 days”.

"Om Sairam Perfect Health has a manufacturing team engaged in the production of diet snacks and food products and also an R&D team that researches on healthy products which can sever the monotony of dieting"

A Dietician with Phenomenal Prowess
Since 2005, Dr. Manishaa has dedicated her entire focus on the Acupressure Diet Therapy and unveiled a new dimension to this science. A reputed Dietician from Hyderabad, she learnt Acupressure & Diet Therapy from Dr. Vallabhai, Homeopathy from Dr. Vishwanathan, Sujok Acupuncture from Prof. Park Jae Woo, Pranic Healing from Chaya Nigandhi and Acupuncture from Dr. Kishore Shah. She is grateful to all her Gurus, including teachers who have played a vital role in all her achievements and also to Saint Sri Sai Baba from Shirdi who was the inspiration behind devising her mission and strength to contribute in transforming people’s lives and their attitude towards health.

A Non-Mechanized Process
Under General Consultation (walk-in), the consultants at Om Sairam Perfect Health firstly assess the clients’ weight and lifestyle, check their body deficiencies and health issues through an advanced acupressure device and accordingly suggest diet plans. Clients can either prepare the diet products at home or purchase them from the firm’s health store as per their needs. The Standard Diet Consultation (via its website) for the clients entails one-to-one video consultation with the diet therapist spanning for 15 minutes and also a 15-day customized diet chart to balance their hormones, which ensues in weight loss. The Premium Diet Consultation (via website) comprises the same facets along with the supply (via courier services) of customized food products as per the client’s diet plan at their doorstep. “The diet is customized to a level where they don’t face any side effects of a diet. There is no short cut or crash way of losing, but there is a sure way of losing. This diet leads to weight loss and lifestyle shift in their eating habits,” Dr. Manishaa explains.
For people who wish to gain weight in a natural and healthy way, Om Sairam Perfect Health provides Weight Gain Diet Plan (website & walk-in consultation), wherein all the products it delivers are purely natural without any side effects and also rightly balance the hormones. On the other hand, people can also maintain their ideal weight, stay fit & healthy and have a glowing skin while living a normal lifestyle by signing-up for the Maintenance Diet Consultation, a lifestyle shift and not a diet plan. Pledging a big ‘No’ to artificial foods or medicines, the firm also has specially designed plans for clients with fertility, PDOD, PCS, thyroid and diabetes, in addition to the aforementioned plans.

The Squads
Om Sairam Perfect Health boasts of a team of experts across various departments as well as a team of people who manage website bookings, online and offline consultations. Besides, the firm has a manufacturing team engaged in the production of diet snacks and food products and also an R&D team that researches on healthy products which can sever the monotony of dieting. Envisioning a prosperous future for Om Sairam Perfect Health, Dr. Manishaa narrates, “There is a lot more to be done and a sea of opportunities is waiting for our kind of a science maven in this industry”.

Key Management:
Dr. Manishaa, Consultant
Dr. Manishaa laid the foundation for Om Sairam Perfect Health in 1995 and has always been its linchpin with an impeccable experience of handling diverse cases. She was felicitated as the Best Dietician & Nutritionist in India, 2018 by MCMR.

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Clients’ Speak:
“It’s important to be at right weight as it brings health and happiness in life. The experience was good as for every 15 days, new Diet Chart will be given with various varieties of food. The Diet Chart is not boring and the new variety of food each time makes us happy and keeps us on track”.
- Madhavi, Hyderabad (Lost 43 kgs in 18 months)

“Dr. Manishaa received me very humbly and asked me to start the diet with faith and no medicines hereafter. In five months, I have lost 11 kgs and feel so light. Now, I am on a maintenance diet. I can eat everything but at the right time and right portion. I feel happy that at this age also I am receiving compliments. I no longer take iron, calcium, multivitamins for good health”.
- Dr. C Kameshwari, Hyderabad (Lost 11 kgs in five months)