Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic: An Innovative & Combined Expertise for Your Skin & Hair

Dr. Soma Prashant,    Managing Director & CEO

Dr. Soma Prashant
Managing Director & CEO

The trichology industry has leapfrogged in the last decade; thanks to the influx of better technology and innovative treatment methodology. The professional generation too is exploring this side of the healthcare industry and giving a major boost to the market. While there are expert trichologists in the industry, it is rare to find an expert in both dermatology and trichology who can help resolve the issue right from the roots. Hyderabad-based Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic offers a combined expertise to those seeking hair transplant assistance.

Oliva is a diagnostic-driven center that undertakes micro-diagnosis of the client’s hair/skin condition before directing them towards a relevant treatment. The treatment protocol deployed at Oliva undergoes a stringent processing where all the equipment used are USFDA approved, which assures no compromises on technology. The clinic harbours expertise in PRP(hair loss), a treatment of
inserting protein enhanced plasma into the scalp, where the team uses micro needles to eliminate the risk of scalp infections. The process is done using a unique double spin method, which promotes hair growth and thereby aids the entire hair transplant procedure. “Our dermato-trichologist basically goes through protocol and the procedures to ensure an ultra-sterilized environment and the safety hazards are almost minimal to zero,” states Dr. Soma Prashant, Managing Director & CEO, Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic. These doctors are selected based on their experience and academic qualification, where they are mandated to obtain a M.D degree in dermatology and undergo a 3-4 month intensive training at Oliva’s Hyderabad-based training center.

"Since the doctors at Oliva are trained to negate the hit and run strategy, they discuss with the clients their skin and hair issues & causes and educate them about their treatment"

In addition to PRP, dermatological procedures like laser hair removal, acne scar treatment, skin lightening, pigmentation, anti-aging and mole removal are also executed with accuracy. However, this precision requires time, which is unfortunately not a very strong suit of certain clients who visit the clinic with an impression of availing magical one-day solutions. Since the doctors at Oliva are trained to negate the hit and run strategy, they discuss with the clients their skin and hair issues & causes and educate them about their treatment comprising of a
good and sustainable model which is medically approved and devoid of any side-effects. Due its persistent commitment to quality, Oliva is today the go-to center for several celebrities, industrialists and politicians, and is recognized as one of the most reputed hair clinics in South India.

New Path
Oliva slowly branched-out to several cities of India, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Pune and Vizag and opening shortly at Kolkata. With 20 branches spread across the country, the teams at these centers are continuously experimenting with new technology and going beyond offering PRP for its clients. “Our centres PAN India have uniformity and standardization and our doctors are highly skilled and hold years of experience,” reiterates Dr. Soma.

Growing at 70 percent per year, Oliva is currently looking at expanding its footprint and establishing more clinics in multiple markets and multiple segments to improve the customer base, while ensuring that the standardized treatment continues to be the common denominator across these centers. “We have around 70 trichologists working for us and have an employee base of more than 400. We plan to expand this number to 500 in the upcoming year and also launch our own line of hair care products, which will be clinically acclaimed to promote hair growth and health,” signs-off Dr. Soma.