Noble Diagnostic Centre: A Revolutionary Diagnostic Centre Deploying Avant-garde Technology for Accurate Diagnosis

Dr. Upinder Singh, Head - Operations

Dr. Upinder Singh

Head - Operations

With medical negligence sparking tension among the masses, doctors are found sailing the legal voyage, time and again. Today, many medical practitioners set up private centers and offer services with no quality checks and authority intervention that eventually leads to failed diagnosed stories. The question arises – whether you’re a patient or a victim? Noble Diagnostic Centre dwelled the issue deep and detected the lack of skilled pathologists that exists in many sanatoriums. Owned by menage of doctors, this Delhi-based center offers precise results by performing medical diagnosis in-house, from routine investigations to specialized laboratory tests, with a strong focus on molecular pathology involving technologies like PCR, FISH, Flow Cytometry, Micro arrays and Next Generation Sequencing. “There is a dearth of specialized labs offering testing on these platforms and our expertise is helping us garner a good market share,” asserts Dr. Upinder Singh, Head Operations, Noble Diagnostic Centre.

Ensconced in 2000 by Dr. Renuka Wadhwa, who is accredited by Fetal Medicine Foundation for her radiology expertise, Noble abodes a referral laboratory that focuses on
Esoteric diagnostics. The center excels in delivering premier services across multiple healthcare organizations including Apollo, Medic over Fertility and Ridge IVF at Fortis, to name a few, corporates and common populace.

Having expertise in radiology &laboratory services, Noble is one-of-its-kind X-rays providers in India to perform Small Bowel Enema studies

Rigour to Detect Right
While catering to B2C model, Noble offers personalized services wherein every customer is registered on its database that further helps in preparing precise reports by comparing previous records with new ones. The registered customers can access their medical reports of the past ten years anytime and discuss the results with in-house specialists. For B2B segment including hospitals and other labs, it provides specialized high end investigations, a service outsourced abroad earlier, that are cost-effective, more accessible and time-oriented. Noble has also invested in Multiplexing to target multiple pathogenic organisms in ‘single a single test run’ that can detect, for instance, 14 more pathogens along with H1N1 (Swine Flu) in Respiratory Tract Infections, hence multiple diagnosis with one sample.

Having expertise in radiology &laboratory services, Noble is one-of-its-kind X-rays providers in India to perform Small Bowel Enema (Enteroclysis) studies.
Opening the service frame wider, it also offers facilities like Ultrasound as per Fetal Medicine Foundation guidelines and Male infertility diagnosis(Andrology) along with an exhaustive range of investigations such as Penile Doppler with Prostaglandins, Sperm Chromatin Structural Assay, Endometrial Receptivity Array and Y chromosome micro deletion. “As for Oncology, we perform HPV E6 E7 mRNA for Cervical Cancer, BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 for breast cancers and are working on introducing PDL-1 on Flow Cytometry, an upcoming revolution in Cancer Therapy Selection,” adds Dr. Upinder. Noble's privilege program with ten percent discount offering to all registered and corproate clients helps in delivering value services to customers visiting the centre regularly.

Closeness with Care
Accredited by NABL, Noble has tie-ups with laboratories internationally for cases requiring second opinion and owns partnerships with U.S. & Australian companies to bring in latest innovative diagnostic solutions from across the globe. Recording annual revenue growth in doubles, the center is in the process of acclaiming certification by NABH and College of American Pathologists, and has plans to establish its referral laboratory in an area of 4000 sq.ft. to cater growing demands for specialized investigations in the North (especially Punjab and Haryana). “A high level of automation at our laboratories helps us provide work opportunities to fresh graduates as the learning curve is not that steep for analyzers performing routine investigations, thus helping us contribute to the society in our own small way,” concludes Dr. Upinder.