NewMedd Diagnostics: A Full-Service Diagnostic Center Incorporating Comprehensive NuclearMedicine, PET-CT & Radionuclide Therapy

Dr. Murali R. Nadig,,Consultant & Medical Director

Dr. Murali R. Nadig,

Consultant & Medical Director

As per a report by ICMR, India is likely to have about 17.3 lakh new cases of cancer and over 8.8 lakh deaths due to the disease by 2020. With a prediction of one in eight Indians likely to develop cancer in their lifetime, the figure of annihilation keeps on mounting. Bangalore-based NewMedd Diagnostics outlines the future research direction and potential challenges in the war against cancer. Endowed with personalized medicine and PET (Positron Emission Tomography)- based diagnosis, NewMedd Diagnostics is India’s first center to have nuclear medicine, PETCT and high dose Radio nuclide treatment alongside outside hospitals, landscaping on standalone functionality. Building a fine stature within two years of its inception as India’s largest centers with respect to the number of scans performed (25-30 scans per day) with fast report turn-around time, NewMedd is first-of-its-kind free-standing, full-service diagnostic center which endeavors to fill the gap into the new field of ‘Theranostics’ (Therapy + Diagnostics).

With state-of-the-art ambiance located at the heart of the city at Kengal Hanumanthaiah Double Road, NewMedd caters diagnostic imaging services, PET-CT, Nuclear Medicine coalescing short lived isotopes, Thyroid Radioiodine
Treatment & Cardiac SPECT incorporating latest technology with unparalleled quality service. Contemplating the Bangalore city scenario, although there are 40-50 diagnostics center & numerous small labs, but only a few (less than five) centers deal with Radio-Nuclear Imaging, Diagnosis & Therapy. Hence, with the twin efficacy of PET-CT & Therapy along with routine Diagnosis, NewMedd abridges the gap by bringing similar set ups in other parts of Bangalore and outside as well.

At NewMedd, PET-CT is a premium priced science fiction working live that helps in detecting cancer cells in precision in the course of matter & anti-matter photonic reaction aka ‘Annihilation reaction’

The Diagnostic Topology
At NewMedd, PET-CT is a premium priced science fiction working live that helps in detecting cancer cells in precision in the course of matter (electron) & antimatter (positron) photonic reaction aka ‘Annihilation reaction’. As functional changes occur prior to structural changes, PET scanner easily pick up these changes over routine CT or MRI, which gives a forefront with the proper treatment plan. Thus, PET-CT becomes a standard for cancer care in all possible aspects which includes Diagnosis, Treatment planning, Staging & Re-staging and Treatment Response Monitoring. “We do both the CTs with Multisliced CT scanner which obtains sub centimeter resolution along with the metabolic functionalities. Both
the images are then fused and studied in different planes (transaxial, vertical, long axis and horizontal) which make the report precise and accurate,” affirms Dr. Murali R. Nadig, Medical Director, NewMedd Diagnostics. Apart from that, NewMedd continues the basic Gamma Camera diagnostics operations as well which uses distinctive radio tracers-Iodine 131, Technetium 99 & Thallium 201 to detect kidney disorders (Hydroneprosis), endocrine disorders especially that of thyroid and ishchemic heart disease. And while dealing with Hyperthyroidism & Thyroid cancer, the therapists use short lived radio isotopes, where the radio nuclei radiates higher energy photons to act on the affected cells in order to curb the cancer.

The Business Cult
In association with GE, NewMedd conducts training programs & external training for the apprentices on Patients’ Management and Isotope Handling. To update the under/post-graduates with the latest tech happening, NewMedd has a dedicated column ‘Information to Referring Physician’ where they can go through all the scans along with their indications and preparations. Moreover, ‘Information for Patients’ is another such column in order to make the patients comfortable with the procedure and preparation. Adhering to NEMA & Atomic Energy regulatory body for safety measures & Licensing, NewMedd imports only authentic equipment as per USFDA industrial standards. Envisioning for more premium satellite centers with hub and spoke topology equipped with latest nuclear medicine and scanning machines, NewMedd looks forward to expand outside Bangalore and further, within 2-3 years.