Ndtee Services: Providing All Types of Statutory Services since Three Decades

Milind Sangwikar,  Managing Director

Milind Sangwikar

Managing Director

Managing safety is an integral part of managing a business. Industries today, need to conduct various test and perform risk assessment to find out about the hazards and risks existing at their workplace(s) and act on corrective measures in place to effectively control the potentiality of possible accident so as to ensure the safety of workers. While guidelines are designed as a tool for assisting organizations and institutions as a means of achieving continual improvement in occupational Health and Safety performance, not all businesses are competent to adhere to this.

For the past 30 years, NDTEE SERVICES PVT.LTD(NSPL) has been providing all types of statutory(Techno Legal) and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services in the region of Marathawada which consist of both NDT i.e. in the field of Industrial NDT and in the field of Construction NDT Marathwada.

NSPL directors have been declared as "competent and/or licentiate authorities" under various Industrial Acts such as Factories Act, Boiler Act, Petroleum Act, Explosive Act, Weighs/Measures Act. Majority of the statutory inspection/testing/Third Party Inspection/NDT Testing and safety auditing and allied work has been carried out by NSPL in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Founded in 1990, today, while NSPL is catering to clients across India, particularly Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Goa, Milind Sangwikar, Managing Director of NSPL says, "The NSPL company wants to fulfil the untapped demands in the Industrial Sector as there are many in need of Engineering Audit Services but there is no organized process in order to gain access to them." Milind Sangwikar has made an appeal to all qualified / energetic young Engineers to enter into this challenging profession as their career and to work as "Self Empolyee". Being a Mechanical Engineer with Post Graduation in Production Engineering from V.J.T.I., Mumbai, Graduating in Legal Field as LLB and having Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety, Milind Sangwikar holds a rich experience of more than 40 years in various industries has put NSPL at a global stage. Milind Sangwikar had also worked as Sr. Engineer in the past in the field of India's prestigious submarine project for 10 years at Mazgaon Dock Ltd., Mumbai.
"NSPL operates in the industrial sector, providing services by using Industrial NDT Technique for compliance of Statutory requirements; and also in the Construction Sector, where they provide services by using Construction NDT Technique for assessment of distress in offered Structure/ Building before certification of Building Stability". This is a as part of statutory requirements required for commercial / industrial buildings.

Post pandemic, new products and services have entered into the industrial market, changing the business ecosystem that we know of. NSPL has been able to adapt to this market drift with the help of their state of the art NDT Testing Laboratories which are equipped with systems pertaining to Liquid Penetrant Test(LPT)/ Radiography(RT)/ Ultrasonic Thickness (UT)/Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (UT Flaw)/ Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)/Hardness/InSitu Metallography/ Illumination/ Noise/ Vibration Level Surveys etc. all the site test results at the laboratories are analyzed by well trained ASNT like technical qualified (ASNT)workforce of 15 employees and 10 associates. NSPL in past has received the "Award of Excellence" for providing Technical Services to various industries from Chairman of Aurangabad Cooperative Industrial Services in year 2009.

The NSPL company wants to fulfil the untapped demands in the Industrial Sector as there are many in need of Engineering Audit Services but there is no organized process in order to gain access to them

Promising an Umbrella of Services Technical and Statutory
By providing a wide range of technical and statutory services complying under different Industrial Acts, NSPL has differentiated itself from its competitors by becoming a one stop solution provider. They have carried out various Industrial Safety Audits and different studies like preparation of onsite Emergency Plan, Risk Assessment Studies, HAZOP Studies, Technical Surveys like Noise Level Survey, Vibration Survey, Illumination Survey etc. hard core Technical Services like RLA Inspection /Certification, Statutory Inspection/Testing/Certification of various types of Compressed(Cryogenic/ Non Cryogenic LPG)vessels and also as Industrial third party inspectors. The company has considerable knowledge and experience for carrying out Statutory Safety Audits as approved by DISH Auditor by Government of Maharashtra. Few new approvals from as Third Party Inspection Agency are from PNGRB, PESO etc are in process and likely to get as early as possible.

With the aim of catering as many service domains as possible, NSPL is presently having two associate companies cum business partners. First being M/s Milind Sangwikar & Associates, who work and practice as professionals in field as Chartered Engineer, Govt. Reg. Valuer, Insurance Surveyor etc with having valid licenses, and secondly, M/s Think Lean Prefab Systems Pvt. Ltd. working as occupier and pioneers / leaders in the Maharashtra region for manufacturing of Insulated Doors /PUF/ Sandwich Panels required for installation of Clean Room / Cold Storage/ Operation Theatre/Modular Construction etc with huge manufacturing capacity to take all challenges all over country.

When it comes to the growth of the firm, while Covid 19 Pandemic situation all over the India, also impacted the growth of NSPL to some extent, however, from 2021 October/November onwards, the growth of NSPL has been increasing exponentially and sales turnover is expected to be doubled by end of the year 2022 - 2023.

NSPL and their team members with other business partners are having plan to export their services and associate company's products shortly to all possible countries in near future. NSPL also wishes to guide / advise young Competent Engineers for excelling their work in this field if they approach NSPL.