NanoHealth: Marching towards Better Heath

Manish Ranjan,Co-founder & CEO

Manish Ranjan

Co-founder & CEO

NanoHealth located in the heart of IIIT campus, Hyderabad is a place filled with brilliant minds, achievers, and dreamers. The Tuesday-Town Hall meetings of NanoHealth are the most witnessed event here. On this day, close to sunset, the entire team unites to exchange ideas and discusses the progress of the company. Also, this assembly ensures to take forward the team’s vision ahead of the company, which is to provide better proactive and continuous health to improve quality of life in the face of rising lifestyle and chronic diseases.

Since inception days, NanoHealth has taken quintessential measures to take their innovative solutions to a whole new level. Right from winning HULT prize in 2014, to providing predictive & proactive healthcare facilities and serving more than 60,000+ people. NanoHealth has come a long way from where it all started.

Redefining Work Experience, Redefining Health Outcomes
Manish Ranjan, the co-founder & CEO at NanoHealth, who is a man of principles, values, and brain behind NanoHealth always inspires his fellow team members to put their best foot forward. Describing the choosiness of the candidates, he speaks “We hire candidates based on two criteria. One is the capability, and the second is the intent.” That is; capability in terms of whether a person is ready to join the job immediately, whereby they assess’ candidates previous work experience for a particular position in the organization. And, intent-wise, the company validates the eagerness of a candidate to do more, where he/she appreciates the learning nature of the job and grows as quickly as possible, both technically and professionally.

More than anything, while the core team decides the roles and responsibilities of the company, the employees, on the other hand, are given complete freedom to make decisions whenever it is required. “It was always in the books of healthcare, but solutions like ours had never been implemented. Therefore, there is a huge learning opportunity in terms of customer service, technology, and innovation. And, every day we start by asking a simple question, that is, how can we make our own health more
intelligent? There is so much scope, and we always encourage our employees to learn and then come out with new ideas. Overall, the environment is definitely something that focuses on the health outcomes ultimately, as it is the mostimportant point for the customers,” mentions Manish.

NanoHealth with its continuous improvement, innovation, and lean team is said to change the dynamism of healthcare system for better.

The Spirit of NanoHealth – Exemplifying the Level of Commitment
NanoHealth is known for keeping its user promise of its clients. Recently, the entire team had gone for a team outing to Hampi, “There, we had to service a particular user promise, and I was surprised to see how the entire team went all out. In spite of no internet and other challenges, I was stunned to witness the the length my team went to handle the situation. At the end of the day, the work was done. This is just one instance,” happily reminisces, Manish.

NanoHealth shows the highest level of commitment when it comes to user promises. Further Rohini Kalvakuntla, VP – Strategy, NanoHealth, enunciates, “For us, it is not just doing the activity. It is actually, whether the end result has come or not? We are always committed to our vision, which is positive health outcomes for all. No matter what, we are going to work towards it. And, through our continuous improvement, innovation and lean team, we will be changing the dynamism of healthcare system for better.”

The Future of NanoHealth – The Pillars of Success
Smitten by the famous quote by Maya Angelou, which goes like ‘Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better,’ With the same ideology, NanoHealth is on a pursuit to transform the healthcare ecosystem in this country, where they have partnered with NGOs, Corporate firms and Govt. to bring this mission alive. “When someone asks us - why you need solutions like NanoHealth? This is the need of the hour. I feel, more and more people are becoming aware of our solution and the kind of scale we are implementing is only increasing every day,” asserts Manish.

Adding to this, Manish says, “I think it’s the value we are building here. One way to measure this is that all
our employees have got their family and parents enrolled in our program. As they have understood the value we are delivering. In fact, a lot of anecdotes have come out of this, in the recent past.”

Over the years, NanoHealth has witnessed a drastic growth, where by in terms of revenue the company is growing 100 percent, MoM. In terms of workforce, NanoHealth has 35+ members, where they follow a lean team approach and focuses on quality of service delivery. Currently, the team consists of product developers, business developers, and analysts etc. Most important of all, the company is backed by some of the eminent industry veterans and experts. Include Shiva Subramaniam - Senior VP & Head of Informatics at GVK Biosciences, Dean of the Indian School of Business (ISB) - Ajit Rangnekar, and Deepika Rao General Manager, Operations at NanoHealth, amongst others. Also, they have collaborated with Govt. of Telangana in the recent past, to take their solution to a whole new level. “Anyone, who is more confident about their health, and the wellness of others, we would always love to partner with them,” asserts Manish.

Finally, Deepikasays, “We are not in NanoHealth because it is another startup or exciting place to work! We are committed to the vision of the company. And, I feel, right from accountants to the tech team members, the vision is engraved deep inside us. And, we are improving people’s lives for better. This is the biggest motivation for all of us.”

Madhu from Tech team further mentions“Sometimes it can feel slow, the effort of our results may not see fruition immediately. That’s when we reflect on what we are doing, and how important it is to improve the lives of the people we serve. That brings motivation back to us. The kind of reinforcement which NanoHealth provides to us, I think, it is quite phenomenal.”

Word of Mouth:
Manish Ranjan, Co-Founder& CEO, NanoHealth
“People definitely need our help, as we have to move away from a reactive system of providing healthcare to a lot more proactive and continuous based system. The journey has been tough, but the potential of our solution looks very bright. And, as an organization we are definitely here to create a dent in the healthcare ecosystem.”

NanoHealth: Your Trusted Partner for Better Health
Service Offerings:
• End to End Disease Management
• Health Coach @ Doorsteps
• Video Consultation
• EHR – Electric Health Records
• Diagnostics & Pharmacy
• Proactive Recommendations