Namaste Yoga Classes: From Fit to Fine!

Amisha A. Shah,FounderFitness has been gaining worldwide traction with respect to the various health issues that are prevalent today. As a result, Yoga has been gaining even more attention as it provides both fitness and mental peace. To capture this market, Mumbai based Namaste Yoga Classes has come in the forefront as a one-of-a-kind exclusive Ladies yoga training and practicing studio that offers unique yoga services.

Namaste Yoga Classes is the brainchild of Amisha A. Shah, a yoga enthusiast and instructor. With the combination of Yoga, Power Yoga, Asanas, Postures, Wall Exercises, Ball Exercises, Gym Equipment Exercise, Pranayama & Meditation, the 2011 established studio teaches high energy techniques of yoga designed to build mind, body and attitude. The trainers at Namaste Yoga Classes have certifications from various reputed Yoga institutes. Each of them gives their best and maintain the perfect balance required for smooth working of the Classes.
Leveraging the growing opportunity of fitness training, the studio conducts various sessions directed towards a definite aim. For instance, instead of having a one-hour session for an overall body workout, they plan to take sessions that target the back and lower back. Similarly, for those who wish to space out from their hectic life, the studio plans to arrange a meditation session for the same duration.

To cope with their ever- increasing stress, the sessions at Namaste Yoga Classes emphasizes on simple stretches and meditation

To cope with their ever- increasing stress, the sessions at Namaste Yoga Classes emphasizes on simple stretches and meditation. Compounded with chanting, these sessions help their mind calm down, and inculcate self-esteem within them. A cool down on the physical as well as the mental front works in synergy to help them get rid of their anxiety. The trainers also suggest them a few pranayamas and Yoga techniques that they can practice in the middle of the day when they feel uneasy and want to get around it.

Innovative Yoga Techniques
To keep the learners involved in the regime, the Namaste Yoga Classes trainers brings fun element in all
of their sessions. Amisha mentions, “Along with the regular Yoga asanas, we also use various gym equipments like the gym ball, the resistance tube and the dumbbell. Each session in the week is different, which involves different props and different exercise. On one day, we may take on Pilates. The next time we may get into wall exercise. Given the fact that no one knows what they are going to practice on the given day, it peaks their interest and pushes them to attend each class.”

Sometimes, the students there even take it upon themselves to have a small tea party in the studio itself. “We help organize these parties and ensure that everyone not just signs up for a fitness regime there, but also for creating a positive impact in their lives,” she adds.

On multiple occasions, they conduct Yoga sessions amidst nature to break the border of four walls. Recently, they have participated in a 5-kilometre marathon with the student group. Further, they have introduced the concept of ‘Yoga Dance’, a synergy of the graces of dance and freshness of Yoga. “We have uploaded a few of them on our YouTube channel already, and we plan to introduce the same in our daily routines too,” she further adds.

Namaste Yoga Classes, interestingly has recorded massive growth since inception. “Our revenue growth has gone up by almost 50 percent every year in these three years. Teaching Yoga, spreading the positivity and improving health will always be our priority, although”, smiles Amisha.