Multiflex Polybags: Providing Organic Food & Beverage Packaging Solutions

Rajendra Mehta, Managing Director

Rajendra Mehta

Managing Director

Falling prey to the human behaviour, we as shoppers tend to buy products that are beautifully packed and presented. Companies tend to feed on this behaviour to serve us their products in multi coloured and designed packaging - a treat to the eyes. But do we as consumers ever go beyond the packaging to know how the chemicals and plastics used in these packaging impact our health? The toxic secrets of food and beverage packaging are as toxic as it can get. Most food packaging chemicals and plastics migrate into food and beverages, causing a range of health impact including cancer, endocrine disruptions, and more. But it is high time we adopt ecofriendly, sustainable and 100 percent recyclable packaging materials.

Educating and guiding the food and beverage industry to walk this road is Multiflex Polybags Pvt. Ltd., a Chennai based leading flexible and printed polythene packaging company offering a range of ecofriendly, sustainable and 100 percent recyclable packaging materials. Started its journey in 1963 as Mahendra Enterprises dealing in the trading of paper bags and cellophane bags, the company started its manufacturing facility in 1989 as Shree Navkar Polymers, manufacturing shopping carry bags and grocery packaging bags. Later due to huge technological change, it underwent a huge expansion in 2003 as Multiflex. This unit is equipped with state-of-the-art imported Central Impression flexographic printing machine(first-of-its-kind in Southern India). Today the company manufactures all kinds and sizes of customized carry bags,
packaging bags and pouches, and prints a variety of multicolour images/graphics/designs with exact alignment, accuracy and fineness using only virgin materials and ecofriendly chemicals & solvents.

Multiflex has a production capacity of 100tons per month and prints all types of LLDPE, HMHDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP and polyester poly film while complying with ISO Standards

A Treat to Eyes, Health & Environment
Multiflex has a production capacity of 100 tons per month and prints all types of LLDPE, HMHDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP and polyester poly film while complying with ISO Standards. “We are among the very few established firm to have a fullfledged manufacturing facility under one roof with a full R&D and testing lab. We have state-of-the-art 5 Layer/3 Layer Blown Film Extrusion system with two Central Impression Flexography Printing Machines and 24 other ultra modern bag making and pouching machines,” asserts Rajendra Mehta, Managing Director, Multiflex Polybags pvt ltd.,

Loaded with salient features akin to high strength, quality printing, and promotional value, the company’s products (including printed shopping carry bags, sheets, pouches and flexible packaging material for packing milk and edible oil, personal hygiene products.) are reusable and recyclable. Every Multiflex products undergo a stringent quality test including strength, durability, printing, dart test, sealing test and ink stability test before being shipped to the client. Its food packaging bags are manufactured from 5 Layer LDPE film with high quality multicolour printing and comes with extra attachments of side Gusset bottom sealing, open flap with wicket hold punch (8mm & 12mm) along with bottom Gusset with multiple flap bag making facilities. “We offer packaging solutions for bread and various food item packaging, kids/adult diaper and sanitary napkins. We also supply roll form for online packaging on FFS machines,” adds Rajendra.

This has earned Multiflex a renowned place in the world of food and beverage packaging. The company has won 16 international and national awards for Best Flexo Printing in the Asia Pacific Region, including Print Excellence Award (Bronze) at the 6th Asia Flexo Award in 2008, Print Excellence Award (Gold) in the 7th Asia Flexo Award in 2009, Star Printer of SAARC Nation, 2009, and International Print Excellence Awards under ‘Wide Web Flexible Packaging’ Flexo Printing from 2010 to 2018.Three silver awards in current year 2019 in three different categories No wonder that Multiflex has been growing at an exponential rate of 20 percent YoY with a turnover of Rs.200 million, and is working towards installing another 100 tons capacity which will cater to its production needs for the next five years.