Motras Scientific Instruments: IoT-Fying Measuring Instrumentation Big Time

Anuj Purohit & K.C. Purohit ,DirectorsIt’s an undeniable fact that technologies have made this planet a better place to live. Let’s take the example of agriculture. The soil quality is of paramount importance, when it comes to sustainability. It is also directly proportional to accurate analysis and balance of nutrients, which in turn result in ideal sustainable growth conditions. Over the years, the advanced spectrophotometric technologies have made Spectrophotometers a priceless asset for analyzing micronutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus levels in fertilizers and other compounds. Changing the game of analytical precision for a wide range of industries, including Agriculture produce through world-class analytical instruments is MOTRAS Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd. a company engaged in manufacturing of analytical instruments, and the automation through integration of global innovative technologies.

The New Delhi-based MOTRAS(MOdern Technological Research of Applied Sciences) integrates the best of technologies to analytical instruments for industries like Defense, Mining, Metallurgy, Building Materials, Food, Paint & Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Plastic, and Textile across the global & Indian markets. “We are the only scientific instrument manufacturing company in India that develops sophisticated analytical instruments for such a wide range of industries,” proclaims K.C. Purohit, Director, MOTRAS Scientific Instruments, who is an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience in the stream. The double-beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer(AAS) with auto sampler and fully automatic gasbox with software controlled flow (for ultra trace level elemental analysis and automatic operation), double beam UV-visible spectrophotometer are a couple of pinnacles of its portfolio. The state-of-the-art Mercury analyzer, which detects the highly toxic metals in drinking water with the help of CFR21 para 11 compliant software, is another example of its foresighted product development approach.

The Ingredients of a Silent Revolution
The burgeoning demand for MOTRAS’ solutions (both hardware & software) can be traced back to its unique, innovative, and user centric development approach and its passion for and courage to infuse futuristic technologies. Of late, the company boasts of involving new innovations in its instruments like Windows 10 based touch screen system, provision of IoT powered remote assistance to its users with a Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity.

“The vendors usually send a technician physically on site, which causes delays and affects the productivity of the business. With a combination of sensors and a robust IoT framework compliant with platforms such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, our users get their problems rectified within minutes,” asserts Anuj Purohit, Director, MOTRAS Scientific Instruments. MOTRAS also owns a proprietary ‘Test Store’called‘ MotrasCloudAnalyst’, which is a platform that allows its users to install automated tests into the company’s instruments. This helps in eradicating user errors, ensures management getting the correct data, and thus makes the system foolproof.

Nevertheless, to make a genuine impact, besides technology prowess, you need the right skills and thought embedded inside the beautiful casing of your product. This is exactly where MOTRAS’ inhouse takes the lion’s share of credit. The inhouse is rich with hand-picked 3D/2D CAD CAM designers, and software engineers who love embedded systems. MOTRASians make a genuine difference in the outcome by flexing their innovative muscles and working very closely with its vendors. The result? MOTRAS ensures the highest quality possible. Period.

“Our R&D team is currently working on a CCD based handheld spectrophotometer, which will revolutionize the market by allowing the users to run analytical tests on handheld
devices. Some of the other focus areas right now are ELISA Reader, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and developing an Artificial Intelligence powered neural network(AI) for pattern recognition,” divulges Anuj.

We are the only scientific instrument manufacturing company in India that develops sophisticated analytical instruments for such a wide range of industries

Quality & Cost
While living in a country like India, quality and inclusion of technology alone often don’t win enough games. With the leadership of industry aficionados like Purohit, MOTRAS is well acquainted with the importance of keeping an eye on the price ranges. The company uses its leverage on technology expertise at various levels and in all the instruments to minimize the cost. In addition to this it is also well known for offering the latest software upgrades free of cost while many of the other companies charge for it.

Furthermore it’s a bitter fact that our country imports more than 90 percent of sophisticated analytical instruments at exorbitant costs, and more often they fail after the warranty period due to non-availability of its costly spares and promptly. Moreover, many of the imported instruments don’t suit Indian dusty climatic conditions and local erratic electrical supply. On the contrary, MOTRAS’ offerings are not only world class and indigenous, but also the spares are affordable and available promptly. This helps the users to recognize a better value proposition; not to mention the support that the company provides to its users.

The Never Ending Tech Cycle
The clients who recognized the 2015-born company’s value proposition include the reputed organizations & government forums like National Physical Laboratory, ICAR, ICMR, CSIR, DST, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Pollution Control Boards. No wonder MOTRAS has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, serving the top analytical laboratories, R&D departments & institutes. When it comes to new frontier, setting-up a new state of art manufacturing unit and sales office in IMT Manesar Gurugram, NCR Delhi region.

The scientific market is now evolving to newer technologies, aiming to make the world a whole new experience. With the burgeoning number of technology companies, the competition in the industry has long become cut throat. The beneficiaries are however end-users,who get access to a new universe of technologies & features at an affordable cost. “We trust in our software development skills and innovative mindset. Hence, we will continue to invest heavily on R&D to take-on any challenge thatlies ahead of us,” concludes Anuj.

Key Management:
K.C. Purohit, Director
K.C. Purohit is an industry veteran who has over 40 years of experience in analytical instrumentation on his side. He has worked with Indian associate companies like Varian, US, Jobin Yvon SA of France, Bausch & Lomb of the US, GBC of Australia and ECIL (DAE). He is the visionary and guiding light of MOTRAS.

Anuj Purohit, Director
Anuj holds over 12 years of experience in software and electronics vertical. He has headed business analysis projects in London, Switzerland & India. The Young Turk today is taking MOTRAS’ vision to the next level.

MOTRAS in Spotlight:
•An ISO 9001:2015, EN 14001:2015 & CE -3179,EN 61326UQ certified DIPP recognized startup engaged in manufacturing of Atomic Absorption and UV- visible Spectrophotometer, and the automation through integration of global innovative technologies.
•The only scientific instrument manufacturing company in India who has developed sophisticated analytical instruments like double-beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) with auto-sampler and fully automatic gasbox with software-controlled gas flow, double beam UV-visible spectrophotometer, and Mercury analyzer, which detects the highly toxic metals in drinking water
•Windows 10 based touch screen system for instruments
•Provision of IoT powered remote assistance to its users with a Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity
•Awarded 2nd prize for 44th ELCINA Awards for Outstanding Achievements in 'Research & Development' in SME Category for the year 2018-19 presented by Ajay Prakash Sawhney Secretary Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment: 2015
•AAS Plus
•AS100 Autosampler
•MS UV Plus
•Mercury Analyzer- HG100
•CCD based spectrophotometer - 1500V

•Directorate of Excise, Custom & Revenue Department
•CSIR-National Physical Laboratory
•All India Institute of Medical Sciences
•Pollution control boards
•Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
•Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
•Food Safety and Drug Administration Government of Uttar Pradesh
•Ground Water Surveys and Development Agency Government of Maharashtra
•ECIL Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India
•Indian Council of Agricultural Research
•Indian Institute of Technologies
•Various agricultural research institutes & Universities