Modular Concepts: Creating Hospitalization Units with its Modular, Versatile & Ergonomic O.T Solutions

Manoj Dharman,Managing Director

Manoj Dharman

Managing Director

Modern IT solutions and the digital networking of devices & work processes permeate many areas of life including healthcare, and this does not stop at hospital gates. Indian healthcare is experiencing a new wave of opportunity, be it healthcare providers, payers or medical technology. Amidst this overhaul, one hospital unit that has been targeted for reaching the inferred objective in healthcare is the operation theatre (O.T) ­ a high-pressure life & death environment. To ensure that the O.Ts are efficient enough and fit for the purpose, many healthcare providers are striving to reinvent the existing delivery models with a modular approach to bring healthcare closer to the patients. As the markets advance their levels in terms of imagination, healthcare infrastructure & technology providers must also introduce their exemplary models with multi-purpose functionality to meet industry's changing demands. Modular Concepts, a leading name in turnkey medical engineering and hospital construction in the Middle East and Asia, is one such company that has profoundly evolved in the last 15 years of its existence.

Having begun with setting-up a modest office at Dubai, UAE in 2005, Modular Concepts today has grown into a full-fledged healthcare construction company with its
presence in UAE, Oman, KSA, Jordan, Kenya and India. Facilitated with an expertized team in the healthcare industry, the company provides a comprehensive end-to-end healthcare solution for O.Ts. Albeit, it is the company's huge speculations on its in-house manufacturing unit that helps it stay ahead of the competition, delivering the most efficient, innovative, and cost effective medical engineering, electro-mechanical and interior builds. "In every designing and modular projects, we focus on meeting the customer's requirements; hence, we offer complete tailor-made solutions to address their specific needs extraordinarily," says Manoj Dharman, Group Managing Director, Modular Concepts.

Customized Portfolio
The company's turnkey engineering solutions for modular operating rooms include site survey, design, supply, supervision, installation, testing & commissioning, operation and maintenance of the system. Diligently engaged in accomplishing integrated projects that innovate the space for hospitalization, Modular Concepts constructs O.Ts using readymade prefab panels with speedy construction and high quality finishes, which is also flexible to future expansions & maintenance without interrupting other functioning departments. Deploying BIM tool and imbibing environmental friendly practices in construction that are safe and compliant with local building standards, Modular Concepts produces modular, versatile, and ergonomic products, where the system of headwall section (typical modular/seamless) or wall types (of High Pressure Laminated Walls, Solid Mineral Surface Walls, Glass Walls, Painted Stainless Steel Walls, and Gypsum Fiber Board Walls) are characterized by the selected materials, the use of color (Hygiene Coating, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal paint), effective lighting system (LED Surgical Light), the range of advanced & integrated solutions (Hermetically Sealed Doors, Windows-Regular & Electric, Digital OR, Static Conductive Flooring, IPS, Pressure Relief Dampers, Surgical Scrub Sink, Operation Theatre Tables, and Pendant) and more. Designing and integration of purified HVAC system is the internal part of building modular operation theatre. Generating great cost savings opportunities as a result of compressed construction schedules, it helps the clienteles relish faster ROI.

Due to such extraordinary efforts, this globally renowned company owns a huge customer base and enjoys a huge word-of-mouth publicity, including clienteles ranging from big hospitals to private clinics like NMC, Emirates Speciality Hospital, Mediclinic, Bansal Hospital, Avitis Care Matters, Welcare Hospital, and Rak Hospital, among several other governmental & semi-government healthcare providers in Middle East, Asia and Africa. No wonder, with 11 offices across the globe, Modular Concepts has witnessed a robust growth YoY and aspires to grow further with focused efforts and use of cutting-edge technology.