Mehak Wellness Centre: Saving Lives through Noninvasive Alternative Diagnosis & Supplements

Dr. Rajeev Mehra,  CEO

Dr. Rajeev Mehra, CEO

Genetic disorders are hard to diagnose till it boils to the extreme. Despite of leading a healthy lifestyle, genetic disorders can be a threat to many of us. While other modes of treatment starts only post the disease grabs you, Mehak Wellness Centre’s noninvasive diagnosis on genetic and auto immune level through its Life System Diagnosis method, not only diagnoses 7000 parameters in a five minutes sitting but also generates report revealing the percentage of damage from 0-100 percent. “We do not work on the disease; we work on restoring the condition, understanding the root cause for the disorder and work on the cause. We are in a position to pinpoint the areas of disturbance and even conduct tests in the absence of the patient, if required,” explains Dr. Rajeev Mehra (Gold Medalist, a Reiki Grandmaster and a pioneer in introducing Alternative medicines in Mumbai in 1993), CEO, Mehak Wellness Centre.

Working on traditional & ancient Ayurveda concept of Electronic Nadi Parikshan, Mehak Wellness
Centre discovers disease /disorder much before (5-20 years in advance) it starts taking its form and cumulating into a disease form wherein imbalance in reading indicates towards future disease /disorder. Knowing & understanding the genetic & hereditary patterns in a client’s family, an early and periodic diagnosis help the centre to delay the onset of that disease or even clear the negative blueprint. “As our focus in on chromosomes, genetic and auto immune disorders, once they are worked upon, most of the discomforts/diseases are taken care of,” he further adds.

"As our focus in on chromosomes, genetic and auto immune disorders, once they are worked upon, most of the discomforts /diseases are taken care of"

Mehak Wellness Centre initially performs pendulum dowsing ascertaining the possibility of taking/signing-up patients and Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer that generates 100+ pages of reading (covering issues like organs, systems, chromosomes, genetic disorders, auto immune factors, hormones, and invaders) based on pulse, thereby giving the understanding of present & future diseases and easing the entire diagnosis procedure. Its allergy test(revealing 312 items)pin points the micro-organisms causing disturbances in the system whereas cellular level test spots the disturbance occurring in any organ and monitor the muscular/neuro/skeleton system while identifying the
individual area of damage. Furthermore, massage offered under Lymphatic Drainage nullifies/melts toxic formed due to lack of blood.

The First or the Last Resort – the Choice is Yours
This ISO, IEC & FSSAI certified centre focuses largely on cancer patients as it witnesses a flow of patients who comes to them as a last resort post other modes of treatment failing to make things better. Along with resolving all chronic diseases /disorders, replace cases, cases rejected by Allopathy and every disease known /certified by WHO via non-invasive methods, Dr. Rajeev uses his 30 years of cancer treatment experience in handling all cancer cases with success. “We support our clients with diagnosis, therapy /treatment, detoxification and proper supplements to rebuild the system,” asserts Dr. Rajeev.

This cancer-centric diagnostic centre renders two months treatment along with four months supplements for rectification of any disease whereas individual panel testing is also offered for targeted issues. It even recommends a biofeedback test for populace around the age of 18, in order to guide them for the disease in the pipeline. Mehak Wellness Centre that won around 75 awards till 2014 and the latest being Best Cancer Specialist in Asia - 2019 is looking forward to treat more cancer patients at just half the amount spend on different cancer treatment methods.