MedRabbits: Transforming the Indian Home Health Care Sector

Although in its burgeoning stage, the Indian home health care sector is gradually gaining a lot of attention and appreciation owing to its affordability and customized facilities. Designed to care for the post-operative, elderly and chronic patients, home health care is proving to be very effective for the nuclear family structure and busy lifestyle of Indians. Expected to experience positive double-digit CAGR by 2023, the home healthcare industry in India has been undergoing a steady transformation over the last few years with organized players adding a lot more value.

MedRabbits was established in 2019, to provide customers with an integrated healthcare experience in the comfort of their homes with the intelligent use of technology, IoT and a robust medical support team. Born out of the challenging experience of the company's CEO in receiving optimum home healthcare service, the focus of the company is constantly on customer service, standardization, innovation and technology to provide a wonderful customer experience.

Presently offering convenient and cost-effective home health care services such as Nursing care, elderly and maternity care attendants, physiotherapy, dieticians, diagnostic tests, medical equipment, mental health counseling, ambulance-on-call, COVID-19 home sample collection, telemedicine and doctor visits at home, MedRabbits is also planning to launch some very interesting healthcare services which previously could not be offered at home. "In recent times, customers have been more inclined to use professional help for their healthcare needs. We are helping them find the right care providers with the use of cool technology, IoT and traditional support.

Within a short span of time the Company has expanded its services to multiple cities and also added new dimensions to its mantra `We bring Healthcare Home'. Covid-19 sample collection and antibody tests at home are just some examples. The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the importance of home healthcare when patients are unable to access hospitals. By understanding customer expectations thoroughly, MedRabbits is uniquely
positioned to deliver a highly rewarding value proposition," says Amol R. Deshmukh, CEO, MedRabbits.

To tackle the challenges faced by the Home healthcare industry such as lack of standalone insurance product, unorganized labor force and lack of transparency, MedRabbits imparts training to its staff by means of a bespoke training program which includes several touchpoints to address transparency issues in the service process. MedRabbits is also partnering with insurance companies to deliver a best-in-class care service to their customers and partners.

"Our Medical director is one of the leading neurologists in Mumbai and more than 50 percent of our permanent admin staff are medically qualified. Our CEO himself has been a long-standing customer of home healthcare and intimately understands patients' pain points. Additionally, the company has several full time as well as part-time medical professionals on their panel. With this we are able to achieve outstanding customer service and sound medical advice," says Amol R. Deshmukh.

Amol R. Deshmukh,CEO

Successfully highlighting the importance of home healthcare, MedRabbits has catered thousands of appointments and has partnered with over 200+ care providers across Mumbai and Pune. MedRabbits is committed to use innovations and technology to deliver healthcare at home seamlessly with customers being the focal point. The aim of the Company is to provide a standardized service across geographies so that every single MedRabbits customer can rely on the efficacy of a truly integrated healthcare service at home. "Our services will be shortly launched across multiple cities pan-India and we regularly cater to families of NRI customers.

We have partnered with ICMR approved labs to provide seamless home collection of COVID-19 samples with online reports within 24 hours through the MedRabbits App. We have also launched the MedRabbits "Mbrase" device which remotely records your vitals, monitored by our expert medical team ­ an extremely useful tool for COVID-19 and other patients. Our Telemedicine portal was launched within a few days of ICMR granting approval to the service and the mobile app is now live on Google Play-store. We will be releasing the iOS version shortly," concludes Amol R. Deshmukh.