MedOnGo: Ensuring Easy Accessibility of Effective and Affordable Healthcare

Balaji Krishnammagaru,Co-FounderStarting from rendering preventive measures to managing chronic diseases and encouraging self-care recommendations, Primary healthcare centres play a crucial role in keeping a society healthy! Despite the fact that India has a huge potential in leveraging primary healthcare in the wake of increasing population, unfortunately, the same is fraught with the massive shortage of doctors and adequate medical facilities in remote areas. India has just one government doctor for every 10,189 people, one government hospital bed for every 2,046 people and one state-run hospital for every 90,343 people. Initiated with the objective to help people in getting access to medical facilities on time through the means of technology, Bengaluru based MedOnGo provides various solutions such as e-consultancy, remote diagnosis and telemedicine and Clinical Management Solution and medicine vending machines for better and effective availability of standard healthcare.

“It’s a known fact that in many places in India,lack of medical facilities is acute; right now,30 percent of doctors consult70 percent of patients in our country. Here, our constant endeavour is to make effective availability of
healthcare, by improving doctor patient encounter and helping doctors provide better consults using technology within the limited time and also remotely,”speaks Balaji Krishnammagaru, Co-Founder of MedOnGo. Their signature solution, Health Kiosks, a full fledged, technology enabled,and operator assisted smart clinic, provides complete primary care including telediagnostics, Health IoT with video and audio consultations, telemedicine and dispense medicines. Through Health Kiosks,3-5 health care teams can offer consultation to 15-20 locations and treat around 30000 people at a time along with round -the-clock services.

Another groundbreaking solution developed by MedOnGo is medicine vending machine that delivers pharmaceutical care to dispense medicines for patients based on doctor’s prescription. Balaji explains,“Our vending machine can hold or dispense up to 50-200 different medicines in the labelled packs. This automated pharmaceutical system brings accountability, inventory control and minimizes the pilferage due to mishandling and mismanagement.”

Highly Integrated e-Clinic System
Being a novel technology start-up that exclusively focuses on Public and Primary Healthcare in emerging economies, MedOnGo aspires to give quality and affordable healthcare for millions of people in India and around the world. Delineating on firm’s uniqueness, Balaji says, “MedOnGo employs Clinical Decision Support Systems in primary care and widely researches on hybrid online and offline systems in care delivery these make a huge difference from our competitors. Unlike other solution providers, our R&D Team
directly interacts with the patients at the point of care, and integrates the network of dedicated healthcare professionals including Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists. Moreover, our services are customized to meet the appropriate needs of our healthcare partners and will continue to remain at the cutting edge of the field of Primary Health. To reiterate effective availability of healthcare is our USP and our mantra.”

Coming up with an ingenious idea like Pre-fabricated Clinic Kiosks, e-consultancy and medicine vending machine and establish as a strong healthcare network, MedOnGo showcased an impressive progress from its inception till now. Reaching out to around seven million consults within a short span of time, today, the firm addresses concerns of 12 thousand consults per day using the platform. “Our telemedicine network recently onboarded 347 PHCs and hospitals in Karnataka. We are working with Reliance Foundation, Govt. of Karnataka, Sri Lankan Government and running complete 'Clinic Kiosks' in Rajasthan and Punjab. Partnership with Wadhwani Institute for Sustainable Healthcare for AamAadmi Mohalla Clinics gave us huge appreciation and immense satisfaction. Understanding the core issues of patients and doctors, each of our solution solves a problem in a cost-effective way without compromising on the quality. That is the key to our success.” Balaji concludes, “For future, we are investing in Patient Engagement, Clinical Decision Support Systems, personal and population analytics and AI based consultation and tele-consultations solutions to improve health outcomes.”