Mediscript: Providing Client-Centric Medical Transcription Services

Shashank Dolas,OwnerNot every patient, family member of the patient, or fellow medical professional will necessarily be able to hear and understand key notes. In order to open up the level of information accessibility, healthcare professionals take advantage of medical transcription to make things easier for layman. Outsourcing medical transcription task to a professional healthcare BPO provider is the most successful way to obtain quality & accurate medical documents while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of patient information. Understanding this, Shashank Dolas (Owner) established Mediscript in 2001 with a vision to provide high-quality medical transcription and related medical documentation services (review of records, medical summarization and medical coding) in order to meet the critical needs of the healthcare and business sectors worldwide.

Its comprehensive range of transcription services including interviews, radio programs, podcasts, conference calls, investor meetings, and customer care discussions aim to capture important business knowledge and facilitate businesses to concentrate on their critical tasks. These services are crafted
upon 3Es: Empower doctors with accurate patient & patient care information, Enable collaboration among specialists and Enhance quality of patient care and well-being. The approach extracts, analyzes and accurately summarize critical patient information with chronologies and timelines in a client format that is customized to meet specific client requirement.

Mediscript upholds an in-house team of doctors and experienced summarizers who successfully handle the transcription services and leave no stone unturned to make customer happy & satisfied

Incorporating Best Practices through Dedicated Workforce
This customer-centric approach not only adheres to best practices but also uses an innovative process (hence partnered with ChartNet Technologies to use their HIPPA compliant platform) for the transcription of the clinical documents and performs multi-level quality checks to acquire 100 percent error-free documents. It enables the delivery of extremely precise transcription files in any structured format within the committed timeframe. Encompassing every aspect of its services, Mediscript endeavors to meet or exceed the client’s expectation. Presently, the company tailors individual requirements of hospitals, clinics, practices and
MTSOs residing across India, US, UK and Singapore. “Because of our ability to deliver, and adapt and scale to the ever-changing needs, we have built enduring relationships with our clients,” avers Shashank.

As medical transcription is a highly skilled task and requires a lot of experience and technical know-how, Mediscript upholds an in-house team of doctors and experienced summarizers who successfully handle the transcription services and leave no stone unturned to make customer happy & satisfied. The medical transcriptionists are fully vetted and trained to deliver fast and accurate work, and are experienced enough to understand all of the specific jargon and phrasings associated with medical transcriptions. Apart from delivering best-in-class services, Mediscript also guarantees complete confidentiality of the shared data. “Our aim is to give exact, concise information that help in making quick and fair medico-legal decisions,” adds Shashank.

To meet the ever changing requirement of the industry, Mediscript continuously upgrades the skills and knowledge of its 50+ enthusiastic workforce through a centralized database where the doctor’s instructions, templates, report formats, and other valuable information is updated on regular basis. The company is growing at the rate of 20 percent year-on-year and actively trying to get additional business from its recently incorporated office (Mediscript, LLC) in U.S.