Medesun Healthcare Solutions: Developing & Training an Army of Expert Medical Coders

Dr. Meriyala Santosh Kumar Guptha,CEO

Dr. Meriyala Santosh Kumar Guptha, CEO

The global healthcare industry is on a massive upswing owing to increased spending and higher demand for quality healthcare. Despite facing political uncertainties and cost pressures, the industry registered a stable growth rate of 4.82 percent during 2018 and the number is slated to go higher as the years go by. On the flip side, the healthcare sector is also an ever-changing environment where profits plummet, capacity crashes, and service levels slump. As a consequence, it has become imperative for healthcare providers to build on the impending growth of the sector while keeping-up with the constant evolution, especially in terms of compliance. “Increased regulatory burdens and reporting requirements, plus the updates to the diagnostic and procedural code sets have created an environment of both challenge and opportunity for medical coders,” says Dr. Meriyala Santosh Kumar Guptha, a veteran in the healthcare coding industry and CEO of Medesun Healthacre Solutions, a provider of medical billing, medical coding and training in subsequent fields.

Keeping in mind the growing needs of the healthcare sector for expert trained medical coders, the Hyderabad firm (with its headquarters in U.S.) is working towards creating a large pool of aptly skilled professionals to support healthcare providers across the globe. Additionally, the firm delivers cost-effective medical coding BPO processes that adhere to best practices and recognized coding standards. Having amassed clients across U.S., UAE, Dubai and Ireland, Medesun has emerged as a beacon of quality and dedication in the industry.

Keeping Pace with Industry Best Practices
Given the impact healthcare has on its consumers, it is one sector where quality and compliance cannot be overlooked at any cost; additionally, non-compliance could lead to catastrophic consequences for healthcare providers. Therefore, healthcare companies are highly cautious when it comes to picking the right service provider to outsource their non-core functions to. A reliable ally for healthcare providers, Medesun endeavours to keep-up the highest level of consumer loyalty and satisfaction through utilizing knowledgeable information on industry’s best practices. With a HIPAA complaint process in place and all its stakeholders being certified HIPAA administrators, the firm renders medical coding and billing services to various clients in the U.S. Medesun is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Quality and Information Security certified organization that has also been a pioneer in providing ICD-10-AM-Australia Medical coding training and services to clients across Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ireland and Australia. Apart from remote medical coding and billing, team Medesun also renders judicious auditing services.

Enabling Medesun to keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare is Dr. Santosh, a world record holder with 40 certifications in medical coding billing, and health information management. Leveraging his 20 years of experience in the medical coding and billing field, he has been a true pioneer in terms of medical coding and ICD-10 Training in India. Having trained over 5000 students who are now employed as managers and VPs of coding companies, his masterful guidance has transformed Medesun into a bonafide industry leader in the healthcare space.

Bringing Remote Coding
Advantages to the Table
In today’s world of intense competition, players in the healthcare sector are constantly striving to survive and thrive. The skill intensive industry is today in dearth of qualified coding specialists who can simplify the rather complex medical coding and billing procedure. This has resulted in the growing adoption of remote coding processes that help an organization save both time and money. “The remote coding process involves sending a patient’s medical records through a secure method to a remote clinical coding facility in client place, or by allowing the staff to securely access the electronic record. The medical records are then reviewed and coded,” explains Dr. Santosh.

"Medesun delivers cost effective medical coding BPO processes that adhere to best practices and recognized coding standards"

Expert in remote coding, Medesun has developed deep expertise in medical coding, medical billing, denial management, coding auditing, clinical documentation improvement, Data Abstraction, HL7, Inpatient coding, MS-DRG and AR-DRG services. Armed with a workforce that is AAPC and AHIMA U.S. members and certified, the firm specializes in surgery coding, EM coding & Auditing, radiology, and IP-DRG coding.

Medesun’s coding specialists validate the CPT/HCPCS and ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding assignment for outpatient services. The medical record documentation is reviewed against the hospital final billed claim in order to confirm reporting accuracy. The review includes an assessment of documentation quality for supporting medical necessity. Supporting medical record documentation, including the physician order, physician progress notes, results for diagnostic tests/studies, and/or procedural documentation is reviewed for completeness. The firm’s skillful healthcare and medical coding BPO services are often leveraged by a host of diverse specialties such as cardiology, neurology, radiology, paediatrics, internal medicine, infectious diseases, oncology, pathology, general surgery and gynaecology, among others.

Building an Army of Coding Specialists
With a visionary leader forging the way forward, Medesun prides itself in providing a credentialed, experienced, skilled staff for rendering all coding services. The team of clinical coding specialists are highly trained in all aspects of medical coding & billing, and are certified by AAPC and AHIMA U.S. Coming on board with over 5-10 years of industry experience, Medesun’ coders also possess auditing experience. The highly experienced clinical coding auditors are trained to perform all quality and funding optimisation audits; the firm thus offers no-risk optimisation audits that remove the upfront costs for health services.

The expansive team also consists of doctors who interpret clinical documentation in order to apply the most accurate codes to each episode of admitted care. From audit plans and reports to on-site and remote clinical coding, Medesun’s Health Information Managers (HIMs) enable the deliverance of tailored, cost-effective medical coding services.

“Our coders are also experienced in mentoring and coding education, and take pride in providing both accuracy and throughput,” says Dr. Santosh. Building on its audit findings, the Medesun team provides tailored clinical coding training and education based on a client’s coding team’s areas of interest. The firm communicates clients’ audit findings with a detailed summary of the clinical coding audit reports that are easy to read and well-structured, with clear recommendations for coding improvement. The firm ensures that its coders go through a rigorous recruitment process and keep undergoing quality checks with an emphasis on accuracy and productivity.
Educating & Training Future Coding Specialists
Given the imminent growth of the healthcare sector, there needs to be a trained and skilled workforce in place to meet the needs of tomorrow. Keeping in mind the vast market demand, Medesun has partnered with various pharmacies, nursing and degree colleges with support of government-aided organizations to provide coding education and placements to Indian youth. The firm is known for its comprehensive medical coding and billing training, EM coding, ED coding, Radiology, risk adjustment coding, surgery, IP-DRG, and all specialties coding training. Providing students with a wide variety of career, professional, short term & fast track, fellowship and certification courses to clear AAPC and AHIMA, Medesun gets young students ready for exams such as CPC, COC, CIC, CCS, CCS-P, and CRC, among others. Designed by expert academicians after careful market study and research, every course is taught by an experienced and certified faculty. “Our trainers constantly update their technical skills to maintain their expertise,” adds Dr. Santosh. Medesun also provides recruitment assistance to students and are shortlisted based on the companies’ job requirements. The firm also organizes various events such as placement workshops, job fairs and seminars to encourage student interaction and strive to prepare them for job interviews.

"The problem solving and results driven firm is trading towards building a strong pool of coding experts to power the global healthcare community"

Caring for Clients & Community Alike
As a young and successful organization, Medesun is committed towards its clients and community alike. The problem solving and results driven firm is trading towards building a strong pool of coding experts to power the global healthcare community. The results have shown as the firm has seen its revenue grow by 200 percent in the last five years and is now working towards building a 500 seater coding Services Company by 2023.

“As healthcare costs are skyrocketing, proper statistics on time will help in risk adjustment and healthcare cost control. Coding allows statistical analysis of diseases and treatments, diagnosis-related group reimbursement, and easier observance and tracking of epidemics or pandemic events. It also helps inform planning with the medical organization’s decision support systems,” explains Dr. Santosh. Medesun believes that proper medical coding will provide valuable diagnostic data, which could be used for research and education, as well as improving patient care. The enterprising company is thus drafting a strategy to implement medical coding in state and central government health schemes by leveraging Ayushman Bharat, a very good program brought about by the central government. Run by a team that has over 100 combined years of experience working in the medical field, Medesun has emerged as the rising star in the global healthcare community and is only raring to go much higher.

Key Management:
Dr. Meriyala Santosh Kumar Guptha, CEO
A world record holder with 40 certifications in medical coding billing, and health information management, Dr. Santosh founded Medesun. Leveraging his 20 years of industry experience in the medical coding and billing field, he is known to be the pioneer of medical coding, ICD-10 training in India.

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