Medcis Path Labs: Infusing Technology with Diagnosis to Enable Accurate Medical Decisions

A. Bharat Kumar,Managing Director

A. Bharat Kumar

Managing Director

The diagnostic industry is 60 percent occupied by what can be termed as unorganized establishments, offering crucial and sensitive medical information without the backing of proper technology and affiliations. Medcis Path Labs, however, doesn’t trivialize the essence of technology & accreditations and offers partner medical organisations & hospitals with well researched, quality and end-to-end diagnosis, helping respective doctors make precise medical decisions and improve patient care quality through its integrated service delivery. A. Bharat Kumar, Director, Medcis Path Labs states, “Medcis stands for Medical Clinical Investigation Services, and we specialise as a one-stop-pathology service provider, all under one roof”.

Service Methdology
Incepted as a clinical investigation service provider, Medcis is today an affordable and a core B2B pathology service provider to some of the biggest hospitals in the country, undertaking a comprehensive lab management for many. The samples are collected from these hospitals & diagnostic centers and sent to Medcis professionals who, leveraging some
of the best technologies such as Roche, SIEMENS, Agilent Technologies, and QIAGEN, and, process them intrinsically, while tests samples using advanced technologies like Chemiluminescence, Immunofluorescence, HPLC, PCR, Immunohistochemistry, Flow cytometry and many more. Medcis offers proficient services in the departments of clinical biochemistry, clinical haematology, clinical pathology, and molecular specialties like molecular biology, cytogenetic and microbiology, focused on blood, urine and fluid testing. Based on the results, reports are generated online where they take the printouts and submit to the respective hospitals.

Incepted as a clinical investigation service provider, Medcis is today an affordable and a core B2B pathology service provider to some of the biggest hospitals in the country

Prioritising quality, Medcis abides by international medical laboratory standards of ISO 15189, CLIA, CLSI and NACO guidelines while ensuring that the services and technology deployed are at par with international standards. Adding to the finesse, employees here are trained rigorously to attain an in-depth understanding of the diagnostic practice through one-month training program and regular follow ups. Its well-developed internal QC program designed for all tests using quality
control materials, weekly, monthly & yearly review and trend analysis assures no loose ends. Medcis’ cherry on top data infused innovative reporting pattern helps doctors monitor the history of the report and draw conclusion based on the final readings, making it simpler to explain patient the root cause of the issue.

A Refined Diagnostic Offering
Unlike its contemporaries, Medcis philosophy doesn’t jostle with competitors for a physician’s contact, wasting precious time & data. It rather focuses on refining relationships with existing customers through qualitative lab research and upgrading their capacities for managing lab operations & administration. Bharat further adds, “Unfortunately, in the B2B model, there is a constant threat of loss of clientele, but we have been increasing our customer pool through our service, quality and commitment, and today we have a customer pool all over India. For past seven years, we have been performing lab management services for hospitals with whom we continue to maintain healthy relations till date. This stands as a testament to our efficiency”.

15 branches strong, the company is currently investing its focus on rapid progress and service provision, while looking at establishing regional testing labs in all state capitals, and tier 2 & 3 cities. With a growth rate of 40 percent YOY, Medcis envisions growing to be the most sought after diagnostic centres and make a gigantic leap from the present one million sample tests per month to five million in coming future and venture into B2C segment as well.