Medapp: A One-stop Health-tech Logistics Solutions Provider for an Array of Healthcare Services

Nabeel Ahmed, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Nabeel Ahmed

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Medapp strongly believes in patient-centricity, with an increase in the availability of healthcare access, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals are putting their best foot forward to provide better patient journey to their patients. It proves to be an uphill task for several pharmaceutical companies, especially for their specialty medicines that treat chronic, serious, and rare diseases. These specialty drugs have higher costs, storage & distribution challenges, obstacles in delivering to patients, and are inaccessible to most patients. On the flipside, patients demand smooth health journeys along with easy and convenient access to these medications and care. Medapp's solution is to design patient support programs for positive health outcomes. The Bengaluru based patient centric healthtech solutions company does it all in providing a smooth health journey with a level of reliability and consistency that is unparalleled in the industry. Niranjan Swamy, Founder & CEO, Medapp, says, "Our brand works with multi-national corporations on longterm, value-based patient and HCP solutions. We are happier about the positive impact we are able to create over the years and look forward to impacting at larger masses". To date, Medapp has executed more than 1200 screening camps in over 48 cities (including tier-1 to tier-4 cities) and has impacted over four lakh lives. Nabeel Ahmed, Co-Founder &
Chief Marketing Officer, Medapp, says, "We run the logistics between the healthcare systems and the patient to offer a one-stop solution. Our proven mettle lies in running a one-of-its-kind pharma sponsored program popularly known as patient support programs developed for the benefit of chronic patients. We take care of the end-to-end patient's journey, including enrolments & follow-ups, clinical support, drug administration & intervention, education, counselling & awareness, financial assistance & support, and engagement via technology with an aim of providing world standard superior care for positive health outcomes".

Our proven mettle lies in running a one-of-its-kind pharma-sponsored program popularly known as patient support programs developed for the benefit of chronic patients

Post pandemic, consumers have changed dramatically towards virtual adoptions, and Medapp did not want to miss the edge. The service-based company too evolved and marched forward to transforming into a healthtech solutions brand by acquiring a technology firm to support the over whelming client demands. Medapp is now delivering innovative, next generation `digital/non-digital'solutions for patient access, engagements and health advocacy issues by providing platforms that bring the patient, care giver and other partners under one roof. Apart from this, Medapp offers strategic consulting for new product launches and patient advocacy issues.

The first one in the country to do it Medapp has launched a program to financially impact lives at masses. Keeping in mind the inflation of chronic treatment costs and disparity of wealth, even in cases where the drug is available, there is no access due to the affordability factor. Medapp believes access to health is a fundamental human right and is doing its bit in making therapies more affordable so that a larger pool of patients are able to access the lifesaving drugs. The program enables patient advocacy organizations raise funds through Medapp's wide network of valuable partners. It recently signed a strategic partnership with CureSMA India Foundation to enable/power a fund raiser for patients suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It happens to be the world's most expensive drug, but the amount of leaders and influencers who have shown interest in impacting the SMA ecosystem is unprecedented.

Medapp aims to improve the entire ecosystem by making healthcare more accessible and affordable, ensuring that India remains healthy.