Matrix Imaging Solutions: Affordable Diagnostics with Quality & Reliability

Dr. Rajesh Gowda & Dr. Tejaswini,DirectorsThanks to regional disparities, economic trudge downs, and heavy inaccessibility, India is ranked 131 for human development capita out of 188 countries by the Global Human Development Index, indicating the sluggish progress in the nation’s healthcare program. However, amidst this dark scenario, Dr. Rajesh Gowda’s and Dr. Tejaswini’s (Directors) Matrix Imaging Solutions is a ray of hope offering highly economical yet high-quality diagnostic services to ensure that no section of the society remains untouched from high-quality medical investigations, quality clinical care, and standard medications.

A Service Class Apart
This AERB certified & NAHB accredited organization’s tryst with a comprehensive diagnostic healthcare service started with managing and operating CT & MRI centres of ESIC hospitals in Mumbai & Bangalore for six years. Subsequently, Matrix evolved into a service-oriented enterprise committed to provide Laboratory & Imaging services for a cost that is 40-50 percent lesser than the market. Tejaswini further adds, “We chose government hospitals just to see that our service
-oriented passion gets through. We compensate the cost factor by taking up more number of patients. Our margins might be comparatively low, but the satisfaction we get from serving the poor and down trodden is priceless”. As a result of such simple yet effective vision, Matrix is currently undergoing a tremendous growth surge and has partnered with several medical institutions like HLL Life Care, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology and BMCRI to name a few.

Being a part of various EQUAS (External Quality Assessment Scheme) programs, Matrix runs multiple controls to ensure that the quality of its reports remains at the highest standard

Providing 24x7 in all modalities, a busy day at the Matrix labs usually comprises of services like teleradiology options, cardiology services, endoscopy and diagnostic & therapeutic procedures such as CT guided Biopsy, and FNAC that the team undertakes with the passion to provide the patient with maximum comfort and satisfaction. Further more, being a part of various EQUAS (External Quality Assessment Scheme) programs, Matrix runs multiple controls to ensure that the quality of its reports remains at the highest standard. With due credit to its will to maintain high quality standards, latest equipments (with backup instruments) and well-trained consultants, the company is
highly adept in performing 90 percent of routines and advanced investigations in-house. Talk about time-saving and cost-efficient approach!

While the company’s prime focus lies on all the emergency, inpatient and outpatient services, Matrix’s comprehensive preventive healthcare packages also work wonders in keeping the undesirable health conditions at bay. Its executive health checkup, master health checkup, diabetic health checkup, cardiac borderline health checkup and basic health checkup are handcrafted plans that essentially cater to diverse requirements of its assorted clientele of distinct ages and lifestyles.

Though the influx of patients indicates Matrix’s progress, the increasing patient load can be overwhelming, as Matrix also has to accommodate emergency cases with less turnaround time. Though the company receives a mammoth task of examining 500 samples every day, the PROs and the postgraduate students (working on various research studies under Matrix’s specialists’ guidance and support) facilitate its specialists to generate timely reports. Additionally, on an administrative level, the company has plans for providing additional MRI equipment to address the growing patient list and specialize in high-end investigations that are currently undertaken only in few select centers at high rates. “We aim to make our flagship laboratory NABL accredited lab, which would be the first of its kind in a Govt. set up in our state. We hope to expand geographically, keeping the same motto of Affordable Quality Diagnostic care within the reach of common man,” concludes the duo.