Map My Health: Advantageous Digitized Healthcare Records Optimized in a Single App

Anuj Bhatiani ,  Director

Anuj Bhatiani, Director

It is correct to say that after the introduction of healthcare technology apps, the medical industry is heavily utilizing mobile and web space to give efficient benefits to doctors and patients. To maintain the healthcare records on digital platform, Map My Health, headquartered in Delhi, provides a medical report storage app which basically used to store prescriptions, test reports and complete medical history at a secure repository. Map My Health is a Digital Health Vault which gives users’ freedom to manage his and his family’s health records in an easy and simplified way through Smartphone or any digital devices. These Digital Health Records can also be handy for doctors to track diagnostic history for complex diseases.

“The most distinctive part about our mobile app, Map My health is that it enables the doctor to take informed decisions. The patient is
also empowered to know and understand the kind of medicines he has been taking over a period of time, say 6 months to 6 years and how his body has been responding to those changes”, states Anuj Bhatiani, Director, Map My Health. This app is designed with a vision to elucidate importance of health documents and their role in diagnosing life-threatening diseases.

"There cannot be any effective and accurate diagnosis without an easy & efficient Health Record Management System"

Hassle-Free Healthcare Services via Mobile App
Today doctors need to understand the history of the patients for faster diagnosis so that a correct treatment course can be provided. Map My Health can access all the past health records anytime and from anywhere in just few clicks. More importantly, the app allows users to login from any device. The company’s expert check the accuracy and correctness of data entered by user and if there is any discrepancy, the team informs the user and correct it. Further, all the information of user is stored with utmost accuracy and secrecy. The company provides Secure Socket Layer protocols which initiate secure sessions with the user’s browser via SSL protocol, which are an essential component of data encryption.
Moreover, managing health records using Map My Health digital vault is much easier than managing over paper. User can easily share critical data with the doctor over different geographical locations immediately. On top of it, Map My Health provides efficient regulation of medications which improves patient’s quality of care and helps to prevent dangerous and avoidable oversights. The advantage of an electronic medical record system is the automatic initiation of drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interaction checks. These checks reduce the risk of improper prescriptions related issues that can compromise the quality of care. Additionally, Map My Health also helps user to store medical data of their children and parents who often misplace it. The app solves this problem by storing their data which can be easily accessible by physician and patient himself.

With such efficient one stop digital healthcare app, Map My Health also provides vaccination module which show all the vaccinations to be given to new born babies in the years to come. Along with this, Map My Health’s team is now working on second version of the app which will have more feature than the existing one. The company is also planning for other module which will connect to various doctors and laboratories.