Manufacturing Aesthetic Smiles - The SMILE FACTORY Way!!!

Dr. Rachna Fernandes,Director & Chief Consultant Dentist

Dr. Rachna Fernandes

Director & Chief Consultant Dentist

The world unites, hearts melt, quarrels resolve, love blooms - all at the sight of a good SMILE. It’s contagious, joyous and downright beautiful. Today, with the astounding thrive of Cosmetic Dentistry and bankable technologies in the segment, a beautiful smile can be attained or 'manufactured'. It’s not JUST teeth whitening anymore, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. If done right, that is! Though the expertise is sparse across the globe and the expense for cosmetic dentistry humongous, owning new tools and/or technology is not very difficult, what is done with these tools is where the MAGIC lies.

The manufacturers of this magical dream smile go by another name - SMILE FACTORY! Through the by lanes of sun kissed Goa, India, as you move upwards, the North star guides you to the busy Fort Aguada road, adjoining the famous Calangute and Candolim beaches in the world’s favorite holiday destination. There, perched up with its trademark glass painting wall contrasted with a beautiful crimson orange color establishment is SMILE FACTORY. Smile Factory offers whatever treatment it takes to bring out the best version of your smile, including, but not limited to, Custom Smile Designing, Veneers, Crowns & Bridges, Implants, Full Mouth Rehabs, Root Canal Treatments, LASER Dentistry, Clear Aligners, Pediatric Dentistry, and Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthesis.

Manufacturing the Smile of Joy - FUTURE IS NOW!
Voyagers travel to explore the world, Smile factory travels to learn and purchase all the futuristic & globally trending equipment to GOA, working solely with a mission to rebuild aesthetic smiles across the world. Their work is imbued with an element of extra personal care and extremely comfortable (hygienic, professional & lively) atmosphere. Smile Factory commenced its operations in 2012 under the aegis of Dr. Rachna Fernandes - a passionate dentist. The face and owner of the clinic, Dr. Rachna possesses a Master’s degree in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry from the esteemed University Of Manchester, UK and is an Implantologist certified by DENTSPLY Germany and AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry).

She prides of an enriched professional experience spanning of over two decades. Being a highly qualified and experienced Aesthetic dentist and Implantologist her self, Dr Rachna leads from the front, as she MARSHALS her “ALL WOMEN ARMY”. Her team is handpicked and comprises of Periodontist, Prosthodontists, Endodontist and Pedodontist. She takes immense pride in her 17 people strong all-women team. Gender defined roles merge into result oriented goals. The difference between sayers and doers is ACTION, and the Team of Smile Factory gets into work mode from the word GO. The team’s constant endeavor is to upgrade and undergo periodic training & certification courses and implement the same into practice.

Structuring the Smile of Joy - GOD IS IN THE DETAILS!
Over the years, the habit of setting new benchmarks for individual patient care has been the forte of Smile Factory and it has emerged as one of the most demanded Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants centers in India. “We ensure extra attention, care and time to every patient, which in turn creates immense confidence in them. Diagnosis and treatment planning is executed and implemented
together as a team,” asserts Dr.Rachna. In fact, detailed treatment procedures in her clinic has already become world famous. Grass root procedures like scaling and polishing are done with detailed precision and utmost care by the professionals, as they believe it’s the gateway to diagnosis of the little things that generally get unnoticed. Scrutinizing past medical records of patients, getting consents from physicians consulting the patients (if any), and ensuring complete medical checkup prior to the treatment, are standard procedure protocols at Smile Factory. Microscope aided treatments play a pivotal role in manufacturing beautiful smiles without any pain and/or after effect. Dental work is a blend of art and science. As the meticulously trained professionals adapt to their role of Dental surgeons, the auxiliary staff adorns their part of the job diligently. Such is the detailing in Smile Factory that even the walls of the establishment have been assigned roles, as the picturesque wall art and soothing music relax the patient mentally, the board games and interactive sessions with children ensures a playful banter as Dental work commences.

We ensure extra attention, care and time to every patient, which in turn creates immense confidence in them. Diagnosis and treatment planning is executed and implemented together as a team

The unique 'Smile Factory ambiance' has been personally designed, keeping its patients’ comfort and happiness in mind. Its four operatories - Cherry, Kiwi, Sugar berry and Tangy are designed to make the dental appointment a comforting experience. As the uplifting tunes reverberate throughout the clinic, the Doctors and staff move in an almost melodious unison, their Blue scrubs and crispy clean white shoes imitating the almost matching smiles of the entire staff. Dr. Rachna says, “I have designed the operatories and clinic based on what I would like to see and on what would make me happy if I were to visit a dentist”. While manifesting treatments that span up to two to four weeks, Smile Factory assures that the patients won’t even realize that they have gone through a surgical procedure. In turn, these aspects combined with cost-effectiveness accounts for the immense global traffic. She adds, “Our Service is guaranteed to turn your past memories of horrid dental experiences into a pleasant one”.

Lend your ears to Denny Smith from UK, who echoes his sentiments over the treatment he underwent at Smile Factory, “I can’t even express how happy I am with my teeth. They are amazing. I haven’t stopped smiling since then.I have had six people asking for your details. I am going to pass it on. Thanks again”. This lucidly explains how a bijou clinic in India became well known among the Europeans.

The Art of Upgradation - SMILE FACTORY 2.0!
At Smile Factory, Dental excellence and expertise is one aspect and the other is cosmetic designing like BOTOX and Fillers, Digital Smile Designing, injectable PRF for gum esthetic, Laser Treatments etc . Crowns, Bridges & Veneers are its flagship treatments. Delay Me Not! - Single sitting veneers in a few hours using a high-end technology imported from Austria is the latest feather in a rather flurry hat, so far only a handful of practices offers this in India. In other words, it's capable of changing a person’s smile within few hours. Wonder how many clinics in the world do that! “We also do Invisible Aligners, which is a trending treatment that needs assistance of latest technologies. Unlike in our clinic, it is quite an expensive treatment in UK,” adds Dr. Rachna.

When it comes to Implants, Smile Factory banks on the best quality equipments available in
the world to bestow its patients with the prodigious experience of advance implantology. “Dr. Rachna's advanced course from the University of Bristol and Lake Como Institute, Italy contributes to the advancement in implant treatment at the clinic.

Much like an adult, the onset of decay can lead to a multitude of problems for kids as well, which sets proper preventive care for kids high on the radar. Excelling in several futuristic treatments for kids with the knowledge plinth it has gained over the years in decay prevention, water fluoridation and oral hygiene, Smile Factory bestows an opportunity to keep their smile for life. Children with special needs and educative programs for parents of children with special needs are a regular feature with Team Smile Factory.

Bright Future Imbued with Smiles - #GOALS – TEAM SMILE FACTORY!
After six years of manufacturing beautiful smiles, Smile Factory has added another ‘S’ to the land of The Sun, The Sea and The Sand while remaining privately owned. It has come a long way from where it began - updating itself year-on-year with latest technology inventions across the world. En route to a bright future, the clinic today strives to broaden its horizon by augmenting muscular facial prosthesis (eyes, ears, nose and fingers)as well. Already performing well in the international market, Smile Factory is a promising destination for all the developments in dentistry - for today and tomorrow.

Patient Talks: Smile Factory Testimonials!

• Words can't express how much Dr. Rachna and her staffs have greatly improved our self-confidence. Heart-felt thanks for creating our enormous big smiles. We are looking forward to see you all in January after the round two of our bottom teeth. Love & kisses. Colette & Paul, UK

• I went to Dr Rachna Fernandes to see what the treatment would entail as I need implants done. At my very first visit, I was pleasantly won over! That is an understatement. Everyone at the clinic is very helpful, polite, charming and very professional. I really did not think I would ever have implant treatment done, but Dr Rachna Fernandes and everyone at the clinic made me feel so comfortable, at ease about the treatment and were so good, I literally could not wait to start the treatment! I return again in November 2018 to finish the treatment and I am counting down the days.

Thank you Dr Rachna Fernandes and Everyone at the clinic, you helped me and I hope you continue helping countless others to have a Smile on their Face once again. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND having treatment at this clinic.

• Every day from breakfast till dinner when I take a bite I am reminded of the bite I took in Smile Factory and this is followed by big thanks and huge blessings from my heart for you. I am able to eat whatever I like without any problem. ~ Surendra Pal Singh, India.

Key Management:
Dr. Rachna Fernandes, Director & Chief Consultant Dentist
Dr. Rachna boasts an enriched professional experience of over two decades. Bestowed with a Master’s degree in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry from the esteemed University Of Manchester, UK, she accentuates beauty, self-esteem and joy in people’s lives. Due to her compassionate, ethical and dedicated approach, Dr. Rachna’s patients vouch for her being a professional with a smile.

Location: Goa
• Custom Smile Designing
• Veneers, Crowns & Bridges
• Implants
• Full Mouth Rehabs
• Root Canal Treatments
• LASER Dentistry
• Clear aligners
• Pediatric Dentistry